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RDM Projects

Data Champions may also be involved in projects aimed at promoting tools and services for researchers that enable the effective adoption of FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable) principles and practices for digital research data management. An overview of these projects should be available here:

Development of a digital laboratory logbook for specific data and metadata 2.0

Contact: Dr. Armin Zankel

Affiliation: FELMI-ZFE, TU Graz

Project info: Link

Laboratory Notebook and Database - Extension

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Jakob Harden

Affiliation:  Institut of Technology and Testing of Building Materials, TU Graz

Project info: Link

Open Model Data Management - OpenMDM

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Georg Arbesser-Rastburg

Affiliation: Institut of Interactive Systems and Data Science, TU Graz

Project info: Link

RDM biomECh vol.2

Contact: Selda Sherifova, PhD

Affiliation: Institut of Biomechanics, TU Graz

Project info: Link

RETEACH – Research data management for Graz micor-computed tomography consortium

Contact: Dr. Eduardo Machado Charry

Affiliation: Institut for Solid State Physics, TU Graz

Project info: Link

Research Data Management for Thermal Engineers

Contact: Dr. Andreas Heinz

Affiliation: Institut of Thermal Engineering, TU Graz

Project info: Link

Transfer of the Existing Experimental WACHsens Database for Drowsy Driver Detection into an RDM Database

Contact: Dr. Arno Eichberger

Affiliation: Institut of Automotive Engineering, TU Graz

Project info: Link


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