CAT - CyVerse Austria

An interactive, web-based, analytical platform that allows simultaneous access to and analysis of research data is CyVerse Austria (CAT), accessible inside the TU Graz intranet. CAT is a cooperative project of TU Graz, UNI Graz and MedUni Graz and is based on the open source code of CyVerse US. It is a so-called Cyperinfrastructure, which is intended for the secure temporary storage of research data and additionally to analyze the data using connected high-speed computing clusters. The sharing of data and the integration of own resources is made possible.

Users can access the system (access only by the TU Graz intranet), store data, share it with others and evaluate it via any web browser or via the command line. If you would like to get to know CAT and also see how it works or have a demonstration, our Data Stewards will be pleased to help you. For frequently asked questions (FAQ) follow to the support subsection

It is also planned to establish a connection between the TU Graz Repository and CAT, which will allow a even more comfortable transport of data for storage and evaluation.

CyVerse Austria Introduction Video

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