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In this section we want to give a little insight into the life at the institute. We cover advances in current research projects, news regarding teaching at IFE and any other business.

Flipped Classroom at IFE

The IFE team strives for modern, demanding teaching. Within a project of the TEL-Marketplace we were able to convert the exercise "Electronic Circuit Design", as well as parts of the lecture "Electronic Circuit Design 2" into Flipped Classroom lectures. This screencast shows what this is and how we did it.


CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research), with its largest particle physics laboratory in the world, is accelerating science to the speed of light, trying to learn more about our universe. And a research team from IFE is now supporting CERN engineers in enabling this acceleration. In a cooperative experiment IFE scientists and CERN engineers are investigating modern microelectronics technologies for the next generation of particle detectors for high energy physics. Here are the first exciting results.

Microelectronics made in Austria

In February 2018 the head of our institute, Bend Deutschmann, wrote an article about the  basis for Austria's innovation and competitiveness in microelectronics for the professional journal E&I. The full article in German, published by Springer can be found here.

A Giant in the Field of EMC at the IFE

In March 2019 one of the most famous scientists in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), David Pommerenke, gave a talk about his recent findings in the field of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Numerous students and quite a number of interested researchers from various companies around Graz came to listen to his wonderful presentation.

EMV Fachtagung 2019

The "EMV-Fachtagung" is the largest conference on electromagnetic compatibility in Austria. In 2019 the conference was held at campus Inffeldgasse. 14 talks, a big exhibition and a poster session over two days was bound to be a very interesting experience for over 140 participants.

All participants received a password and can download the EMV-Fachtagungsband (German) here.

Great interest for small components

Our youngest student, Nikolaus Juch, and the head of IFE, Bernd Deutschmann, gave an interview to the magazine "Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik" (e&i) in 2018. Nikolaus talks a little about his current project, a singing tesla-coil, while Bernd fills us in about other projects and the research that is currently going on at the IFE. You can read the whole interview in German here.

Bulk Current Injection Test Setup

The IFE now owns a Bulk Current Injection Test Setup according to the Standard ISO 11452-4. This setup can be used for Research, Development and Education. Beside other component test methods we now have one more powerful tool to investigate electronic systems and integrated circuits for automotive or other applications.

Looking back at project highlights: A patient under CT

Hospital is a challenging environment, not only for people, but also for electronics. And in this challenging environment one has to be tough. In case of electronics it means tough against ionizing radiation or how we call it “RadHard”. For the past four years RadHard and HiRel team of IFE has worked on radiation hardened integrated circuits for next generation computed tomography, enabling faster and more reliable diagnostics. In this frame we have also took a more precise look at our “patient” – the microchip. In this experiment at LKH Graz back in 2016 we have investigated transients produced in a microchip by an X-ray pulse during a CT scan. Today our patient is well and healthy, ready to serve the mankind.