European Chips Skills Academy (ECSA)

The European Chips Skills Academy project, or ECSA for short, aims to create a partnership between the education systems (Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education) and the microelectronics industry to support the growth and innovation of the European microelectronics ecosystem.

Project objectives:

  1. Implement and operationalise the Skills Pact.
  2. To establish the first decentralised microelectronics academy of its kind, linking industry, research, higher education and VET currently operating in isolation.
  3. Develop innovative training and curricula to provide a reactive and proactive response to the sector's skills needs.

The Consortium

The consortium consists of 18 European partners spread across Europe, including partners from education, industry and research, as well as accreditation and social partners. In addition, associate partners support the project by providing input and reviewing the results of this project.

At a Glance

Objective: Create an Alliance between educational systems and the microelectronics industry to develop a decentralized Academy to meet the growing demands for skills.

Funding: 4 million €

Duration: 4 years
October 2023 - September 2027

Consortium: 18 partners + associate partners

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More Information

The European Chips Skills Academy has received funding from the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) under project No 101110124.