Open Theses

The IFE is a suitable partner for research projects in cooperation with the semiconductor industry. 101 of the last 166 master theses and 27 of the last 30 PhD theses have been supervised in cooperation with different companies. Only the latest open thesis can be found in the "Latest Topics" section on the right. We advise you to check out our info-wall at the institute as well for a full overview.

Bachelor Theses

A bachelor thesis gives a student a first possibility to get familiar with scientific writing. The IFE offers a big variety of bachelor thesis, all of which cannot be listed here. This page only offers a short description of the latest advertised projects. Even more projects are listed on our info wall at the institute. Also, if you have your own idea for a bachelor thesis, we are glad to help you with it. You are always welcome to come around.

Master Theses

The master thesis is a final project in which the student has to carry out theoretical as well as practical research. There are several master theses, provided by the IFE, which can be done in cooperation with a variety of companies. Such a thesis can give you an insight in the working environment of a company and in some cases can lead to a job offer. The IFE also gladly accepts your own research topic, if you have one. We also recommend stopping by at the institute, having a look at our info wall and talking to us.

PhD hat and document roll

PhD Theses

The IFE is most active in the research fields of analog integrated circuits and electromagnetic compatibility. If these topics interest you we encourage you to get in contact with us. PhD students are usually employed on a full time basis.

For more information have a look at our research areas and the ongoing projects.

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