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New Course: Continuous Production of Medicines

11/18/2022 | TU Graz news | Studies

By Falko Schoklitsch

The pharmaceutical industry is moving away from individual process steps towards modern flow-through production. A new TU Graz course on continuous drug manufacturing starts on edX.org.

The edX course "Technology for Continuous Production of Medicines" teaches about the advantages of continuous production of medicines compared to traditional production in batches. Image source: Lunghammer - TU Graz

While continuous production processes have long been standard in many industries, the production of pharmaceuticals traditionally takes place in several individual process steps, each of which must be checked and approved. This batch production makes traceability easier, but it is also error-prone, time-consuming and costly. With modern continuous manufacturing methods, medicines can be brought to market faster, at lower cost and with increased product quality.

However, the switch from batch to flow-through production is a far-reaching change. The benefits and technologies of continuous production of medicines will be addressed in a new, free online course at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) entitled "Technology for Continuous Production of Medicines" from 22 November 2022. The English-language course is offered in partnership with the e-learning platform edX.org, and registrations are open.

Insights into continuous manufacturing

In this course at TU Graz, the speakers Isabella Aigner, Johannes Khinast and Jakob Rehrl answer questions such as: What is continuous manufacturing? What are the advantages of continuous manufacturing? What technologies are there and how are they controlled? Why is continuous manufacturing much faster and leads to better quality?

In addition to an introduction to this manufacturing method, the equipment used in the processes is also presented. Also, advanced quality control strategies are an important topic. As the course provides insight into new model-based control concepts and deals with key powder flow models, process-critical material properties and process parameters, a basic technical understanding and familiarity with pharmaceutical products is recommended for participants, though not mandatory.

Content available free of charge

The course content is available free of charge, and a certificate of completion can also be optionally acquired. Registration is open via the edX website.


This cooperation is implemented by TU Graz within the framework of the "Digital TU Graz" field of action "Third Mission". Through these innovative training courses, TU Graz wants to make a responsible contribution to society.

Other free online continuing education courses offered by TU Graz are also available at iMooX.at.




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