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Mobility Prize for hydrogen research at TU Graz

11/30/2017 | TU Graz news | Research

By Birgit Baustädter

TU Graz scientist Viktor Hacker and his team were awarded the State Prize for Mobility 2017 for the H2 Mobility project, which has combined research on hydrogen production for many years.

Award presentation in Vienna: TU Graz researcher Viktor Hacker (left) and Sebastian Bock (right) with transport minister Jörg Leichtfried.
In 15 years of intense research, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Systems working group led by Victor Hacker and the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology developed a concept for the decentralised and climate-neutral production of high-purity hydrogen. Using locally available, renewable raw materials, such as biogas and gasified biomass, it is now possible to produce high-purity hydrogen efficiently and anywhere in small units, such as typical ship containers. It can then be used in mobility applications, for example, as an alternative fuel.  The work of many years culminated in the H2 Mobility project, in the course of which it was proved that the earlier theoretical concept can be implemented and carried out. Building efficient hydrogen filling stations in different places has now moved a big step nearer. The process is currently being developed into a commercial product together with partners from industry.

Viktor Hacker, Sebastian Bock and Robert Zacharias from the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Systems working group present their work in the research magazine TU Graz research.

The project is also presented in a short video in YouTube. 


In addition, the Graz mobility concept "tim - täglich. intelligent. mobil" was also awarded. The project was developed by Holding Graz in close cooperation with severel of TU Graz´s insitutes. tim is a web plattform, which combines public traffic, cycling, e-carsharing, e-taxis, rental cars and public charging stations. 

Certificate of recognition

The research centre Virtual Vehicle, which is closely connected to TU Graz, received a certificate of recognition for its Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure project for the development of standards for wireless connections in road transport, rail, aviation and buildings.


The Mobility Prize has been awarded nine times up to now and is the highest award of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. It is given in four categories based on the slogan “Economic driver Innovation”. Altogether some 78 submissions were evaluated by the international jury in 2017. The Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology of TU Graz and the research centre Virtual Vehicle, which is closely associated with TU Graz, won through in the category “Research. Development. Pointing out new ways”. 


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