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Studying electrical engineering and shaping tomorrow’s world

08/21/2019 |

By Barbara Gigler

If it’s got electrical engineering written on it, it’s part of the future. Find out here more about the colourful world of electrical engineering, everyday student life at TU Graz, what makes good electrical engineers, and what it’s like living and studying in Graz.

A study programme in electrical engineering at TU Graz could be the first step to shaping tomorrow’s world.

The world of electrical engineering is colourful and many sided, and electrical engineering is the basis technology for so much that makes up our modern world. From electric cars to smartphones, from high-tech industrial devices to smart home systems or the energy revolution – electrical engineering is in demand everywhere.

Styria is an electrical engineering hotspot

Graz and Styria are a centre of international electronics and the automotive industry. Here, the future is being shaped in important areas of life – from mobility and digitalisation to climate reversal. And great careers have started in the past here: like the career of one of the greatest electrical engineers and inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla. Tesla studied at TU Graz about 150 years ago before he finally left for the USA, where he collaborated with Thomas Alva Edison and registered no less than 250 inventions as patents.

Shaping tomorrow’s world

The first step towards a great career and the opportunity to help shape future-oriented technologies is, for example, studying electrical engineering at TU Graz. In order to give prospective students an even better idea of how diverse and varied the study of electrical engineering is, what opportunities and challenges as well as what jobs and prospects are associated with it, or what everyday life at TU Graz looks like, we interviewed prospective and current students, teaching staff, researchers and graduates of Graz University of Technology. They explain what it is about electrical engineering that fascinates them in their studies and in their work, and how they are shaping tomorrow’s world.

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Studying electrical engineering at TU Graz
Bachelor's Degree Programme Electrical Engineering
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