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E-mobile with Zoe

03/21/2017 | TU Graz news | University

By Birgit Baustädter

With the “Zoe”, TU Graz takes yet another step towards greener mobility. Three small, white cars with electric drive are available for borrowing by TU Graz staff and everyone else.

Official opening on thursday: Rector Harald Kainz with Harald Reichl, Maria Aichberger and Gerd Ingo Janitschek of FAMILY OF POWER.
“Ready!” spells out the Zoe – one of the three new e-car sharing vehicles of TU Graz, motivating right from the first drive. After unplugging and pressing the start button, after which “Ready” appears on the dashboard, a light purring sound is emitted – a specially designed sound by which the e-car, which is almost noiseless at low speed, can be heard by other road users. The white Renault of the Zoe range drives like a classical automatic car with more power under the bonnet than you would think. After all, overtaking takes longer with many fossil-fuelled vehicles.  

New provision from TU Graz

Since the official starting shot was sounded on Tuesday 21st March, a Zoe is now available at each of the three TU Graz campus locations for TU Graz members and other interested persons. Initiated by the “FAMILY OF POWER” cooperative and funded with the help of several corporate sponsors, the fleet at the three TU Graz campus locations can be used by TU Graz members and other interested persons. For private use one simply has to register at at www.familyofpower.com – TU Graz institutes or service departments should visit TU4U for further information. After a training session on how to operate the e-car, one of the vehicles can be easily booked online. With a range of more than 200 kilometres, the Zoe is a perfect set of wheels – especially for driving in town. With the Zoe, TU Graz is taking yet another step in its comprehensive mobility strategy, which apart from the e-car sharing provision also includes bicycles at discounted prices, tickets for public transport in Graz and various services throughout the year. Rector Harald Kainz at the opening of the e-car sharing provision: “TU Graz has set special goals in the field of mobility. And these new cars are yet another highlight. In this way we want to show our students and staff that e-mobility is the future.”
Rector Harald Kainz tests the e-car with Maria Aichberger of FAMILY OF POWER. 

Green and fun

And Zoe is not just “green” but is also a lot of fun to drive. The prices for business or private trips are moderate and the batteries can be recharged for free at the three TU Graz campuses. Other EV charging stations can be found en route using the in-built navigator. Zoe also advises where and when the next charging stop should be taken.  If you are interested in using this car-sharing facility, visit www.familyofpower.at for private or TU4U for business use.


We already had a testdrive with ZOE. Have a look!


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