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TU Graz-Forscher mit einer Viertelsektorkaskade eines Flugzeugtriebwerks

TU Graz provides know-how for efficient aircraft engine from General Electric

In the EU project TURANDOT, researchers from TU Graz investigated a sharkskin-like coating for engine blades and tracked the flow of cooling air in the engine. In this way, they make aircraft more fuel-efficient, less expensive and quieter.   Read more 28 January 2021
Drei Herren vor einem Computerbildschirm, ein digitales Herz ist abgebildet

Cardiovascular diseases: New computer model improves therapy

Using mathematical image processing, scientists at the BioTechMed-Graz research cooperation have found a way to create digital twins from human hearts. The method opens up completely new possibilities in clinical diagnostics.   Read more 22 January 2021


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