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Organise Events at TU Graz

The rooms and areas at TU Graz are primarily used for research and teaching, but it is possible to rent premises at TU Graz for university and scientific events.

Our rooms (lecture halls and seminar rooms) can be used all year round and are subject to room charges. For more information, see Rooms and Costs.

Courses have priority in the lecture halls and seminar rooms during the lecture and examination periods.

Events and activities that could affect the operation or reputation of TU Graz will not be approved. Furthermore, no private celebrations such as weddings, private birthday parties, party-based/political events, or religious ceremonies will be approved.

Contact Event Service

Event Service
Patricia GÖTZ

Phone: +43 316 873 7191

Rooms and Costs

Here is a selection of rooms and spaces that can be rented:

Alte Technik

Our auditorium (German: Aula) is only available to/can only be rented by TU Graz members or cooperation partners, as well as organisations that have a close relationship to the TU Graz.

Neue Technik

Campus Inffeld

Room rental costs

Event Service

The TU Graz Event Service will be happy to advise you on how to plan and carry out your event. We will give you helpful tips and suggestions and will gladly arrange contacts for event technology, catering, printing companies, etc.

Please send a written request to patricia.goetznoSpam@tugraz.at and include a brief description of the title, type and content of the event, how many guests you are expecting, whether you plan to use catering and the date of your planned event.

Event Technology

All rooms at TU Graz are equipped with projectors and screens and, in part, also with microphones. Any technical equipment that is not available can be rented for a fee.

TU Graz has authorized the event technology company Eventsolutions, run by Stephan Lippitsch, to take care of event technology on all TU Graz campuses. The Eventsolutions services are available for a fee. You can also rent external, additional technical equipment via Eventsolutions.


Eventsolutions – Veranstaltungstechnik
Mobile: +43 699 126 45 060

Lending Pool (Verleihpool)

We have a pool of various equipment and furniture that can be used for your event for a fee and cooperate with external service providers so that you can rent other furniture if needed.

The costs of the TU Graz rental items are 3,- EUR excl. VAT/rental item

Check out the Lending Pool  (in German)

Promotion Stands and Flyer Distribution

At TU Graz, it is possible to set up promotion stands and distribute flyers after close examination. If you are interested, please send a brief e-mail with information about the content of the promotion or flyer, name of the customer, desired time period and location at TU Graz (campus area) to patricia.goetznoSpam@tugraz.at.
Costs: 100,- EUR excl. VAT/day/location

Putting up posters also requires a permit and is only allowed at designated locations at TU Graz and by TU Graz partner companies and institutions.
Please send any relevant inquiries to patricia.goetznoSpam@tugraz.at.

Inquiries about Career Events/Graduation Ceremonies

If you are looking for employees for your company or have inquiries about our Career Info Service, please contact Dipl.-Ing Christoph Adametz, Head of the Career Info Service, christoph.adametznoSpam@tugraz.at.