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Workshop for Young Female Researchers in Speech Science & Technology


  • Seminar/Workshop/Kurs


  • Information Communication & Computing (Field of Expertise)

The Young Female Researchers in Speech Workshop (YFRSW) is a workshop for women undergraduate and masters students who are currently working in speech science and technology. It is designed to foster interest in research in our field in women, at the undergraduate or master level, who have not yet committed to getting a PhD in speech science or technology areas, but who have had some research experience in their college and universities via individual or group projects. It is to be held at Interspeech 2019 in Graz, Austria on September 14, 2019. It will feature panel discussions with PhD students and senior researchers in the field, student poster presentations and a mentoring session. Student poster presentations should give an overview of a current or planned research project in which the student is involved, with an emphasis on promoting discussion.



Time and Location

14. September 2019, 09:00 am - 17:00

TU Graz, Campus Inffeldgasse, Hörsaal i7, OG1, 8010 Graz, Austria

Additional informations

Language: English


Jamilla BALINT
Graz University of Technology (TU Graz)
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