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Summer Jam 2018


  • Seminar/Workshop/Kurs


  • Information Communication & Computing (Field of Expertise)

There’s this lingering wish in every creator to lock oneself into a room full of even more nice and passionate creators for an entire weekend while the sun is burning down onto the heads of the unworthy.

We are here to fulfill this wish.

The Summer Jam is an open event and will take place from August 17 to August 19 at the Graz University of Technology and you’re all invited to join us. You’ll have the entire weekend to come up with a game and work in a team of like-minded people from various disciplines (programming, art, audio, design, …) and levels of expertise on finishing it. As an additional motivation every jammer is invited to exhibit his creation at this year’s Game Dev Days where he/she will receive feedback from experts of the games industry.


Johanna Pirker, Game Development Graz

Time and Location

17. August 2018, 04:00 pm - 19. August 2018, 08:00 pm

TU Graz, Campus Inffeldgasse, HS FSI 1 and HS i9, Infeldgasse 11, 8010 Graz, Austria

Additional informations

Language: English


Johanna PIRKER
Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science | TU Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 5625