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BioTechMed-Graz Science Breakfast

Resource-efficient and sustainable laboratory management


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Logan Hodgskiss, founding member off Green Labs Austria, will speak at the Science Breakfast on November 3 about "Resource-efficient and sustainable laboratory management".

Green Labs Austria

Green Labs Austria aims to connect laboratories in Austria that share the vision of sustainable research. We want to change the status quo of resource management and offer guidelines for a transition to environmentally aware research practices. We hope to achieve this by collaborating with groups and institutions from all disciplines. Specifically, we want to reform how scientists think about energy consumption, plastic consumption, and recycling. Green Labs Austria encourages everyone to participate and share ideas – small or large – for a sustainable research environment. For scientists of all disciplines, sustainable research practices should represent a natural part of our daily work and our passion.

Speaker: Green Labs Austria – Logan Hodgskiss

Logan is a founding member of the non-profit organization Green Labs Austria. Further, he is a PhD student in the Schleper Lab of the University of Vienna studying the nitrogen cycle. Specifically, he is focused on ammonia-oxidizing archaea and the role these organisms have in the global carbon and nitrogen cycles.


Please register by November 2 at this link.



Time and Location

3. November 2021, 08:30 am - 10:00


Additional informations

Language: English


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