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#1 Sustainable Construction with Concrete

With outstanding structural properties, concrete is indispensable in the construction sector in the long term. At the same time, the building material has enormous potential for improvement in terms of environmental compatibility and CO2 emissions.

TU Graz works with two approaches. It conducts research on ways to make the building material itself more sustainable, for example through new concrete formulations. It explores ways and technologies to use the building material more sensibly and smartly – for example, through material savings thanks to concrete 3D printing or through recycling and renovation approaches for concrete buildings.

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a widely used building material. It is durable, robust and locally available. And it has a reputation for not being very sustainable. Experts from TU Graz explain what concrete is and how it can become (more) sustainable.

Building lighter with concrete? How concrete 3D printing saves material and CO2

Concrete construction must become more sustainable and lower in CO2 emissions. Concrete 3D printing can contribute significantly to a reduction in materials. TU Graz wants to put this young technology into practice.

Studying Civil Engineering

Is civil engineering for me? What do I have to be able to do if I decide to study it? How is it different to architecture? And can I do something for the environment with it? TU Graz experts and students provide answers.

No Legacy of Pollution for the Next Generation

As a recreational athlete, Alexander Passer trains his endurance. The TU Graz Professor of Sustainable Construction also needs staying power in his job. He wants to initiate a paradigm shift in construction.

Sustainable shotcrete mix-designs for tunnels with longer service-life

A project jointly initiated by the Austrian Society for Construction Technology (ÖBV), TU Graz and OTH Regensburg provides a more systematic understanding of shotcrete applications and forms the basis for new, even more durable concrete mixes and thus for more durable tunnels.

Improvement of concrete diagnostics

Under the scientific direction of Graz University of Technology, an Austrian consortium is working on new investigation methods for rapid and precise assessments of concrete structures.

CO₂-Saving Eco-Concrete practicality prove

For the construction of a small animal culvert in the course of the double-track extension of the Pottendorf railway line between Vienna Meidling and Wiener Neustadt, a concrete mix was used for the first time, whose production emits a quarter less CO₂ compared with conventional concrete.

Podcast: Houses from the printer

Will we soon be able to print out houses with a printer? Georg Hansemann, who works on 3D printing of components in the Robot Design Lab, answers these and many other questions.