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TU Graz: three new English master’s programmes in autumn 2017

03/08/2017 | TU Graz news | Studies

In the winter semester 2017/18, TU Graz will be offering 14 master’s programmes just in English. What’s new – apart from the NAWI Graz master’s programmes Physics and Technical Physics – is Biorefinery Engineering, a course unique in Europe.

As from autumn 2017 TU Graz offers 14 English master's programmes (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)
Photographic material available for download at the end of the text TU Graz is resolutely continuing its internationalisation strategy and with the new additions Physics, Technical Physics and Biorefinery Engineering will be offering 14 master’s programmes exclusively in English in the winter semester 2017/2018 – which is almost half the total number of master’s programmes.

Experts in biorefinery technologies

In addition to the changeover of existing programmes to an international curriculum, new master’s programmes in English are being created. So, starting in the coming winter semester, students can get trained as a biorefinery engineer in a four-semester programme unique in Europe at TU Graz.
“Professionals in biorefinery technology are currently much sought after the world over,” explains Wolfgang Bauer from the Institute of Paper, Pulp and Fibre Technology at TU Graz and scientific head of the new master’s programme. Bauer explains the occupational profile: “A biorefinery engineer masters the important process technologies for a sustainable processing of renewable raw materials in biorefineries, where biological end products, such as wood or starch-containing plants are chemically processed into a variety of products – from various materials and chemicals to fuel, heat or electricity.” The new master’s programme communicates a knowledge of engineering and skills necessary for the construction and operation of technological systems for the utilisation of biogenic resources. eseia, the Europe-wide alliance for sustainable energy innovation with offices in Graz and Brussels which was founded at TU Graz, was substantially involved in the fruition of this master’s programme project which is funded by Horizon 2020 – the EU framework programme for research and innovation.

Applications for new master’s programmes in English

For all those who did not obtain their bachelor’s degree at TU Graz or under the NAWI Graz scheme but are interested in studying one of the three new English master’s programmes Physics and Technical Physics in the context of NAWI Graz and Biorefinery Engineering, there is a special admission procedure. The application deadline for Biorefinery Engineering runs from 15th March to 30th April. Those interested can apply for the two NAWI Graz Physics master’s programmes from 1st to 30th April.

Majority of master’s programmes in English by 2018/19

The aim is to offer most of the master’s programmes in English by the winter semester of 2018/19. All the PhD programmes have been offered solely in English since 2013. TU Graz Rector Harald Kainz: “In this way we can make sure on the one hand that our students are best equipped for their international careers. On the other hand, we have already managed to attract well-known, international visiting professors and international top researchers to the University with this strategy.“ This is impressively shown by the statistics. In the 2013 calendar year, TU Graz welcomed just four visiting professors; in the 2016 calendar year, there were 30 international teaching staff. Among students, 165 places for international students in English master’s programmes have already been confirmed for the 2017/2018 academic year at TU Graz; this does not include the three new master’s programmes.


All English-language TU Graz master’s programmes at a glance
Link for an outline of the admission procedure

Information about NAWI Graz

Information about the new master's progamme Biorefinery Engineering
The master’s programme Biorefinery Engineering was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N 656760.



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TU Graz resolutely continues its internationalisation strategy (© TU Graz)
Degree programmes at TU Graz are diverse and international (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)
The new master's programme Biorefinery Engineering is a course unique in Europe (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)
Rektor Harald Kainz puts strong emphasis on a strong worldwide network and on internationalisation of TU Graz (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)