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StudentsART: Online Shop for Extraordinary Design by TU Graz Students Continues to Grow

12/15/2021 | TU Graz news | University

By Christoph Pelzl

New designer furniture and high-quality décor objects, ceramics 3D-printed for the first time and extraordinary works of art made of alginate that are not available anywhere else. StudentsART – the platform for art and design objects by TU Graz students is expanding its range.

With StudentsART, TU Graz offers students a platform to present and successfully sell art and design objects. Fotos: StudentsART; Collage: Garger – TU Graz

In March 2021, the Research and Technology House of Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), the Institutes of Architecture and Media and of Spatial Design, together with “Printkultur”, a service department of the TU Graz Students’ Union, initiated the platform StudentsART. In the spirit of the strategic focus of the “entrepreneurial university”, TU Graz students gained the opportunity to publicize and exploit their student work for the first time.

Since then, objects have been sold that have been produced in the context of courses or created as a final project. In short, unique pieces by design talents, such as artistically designed seating furniture, high-quality acoustic panels or artistic ornaments and three-dimensional cityscapes made of special paper.
Just a few days after the launch, a large number of the exclusive individual pieces were sold out and the online shop operator Printkultur had its hands full keeping up with the demand.

Link to StudentsART-Webshop

New eye-catchers for sale

Now there are new products in the programme. Both in the previous product genres (furniture, ornaments, cities and acoustics) and in the form of new categories. For the first time there are decorative cushions made of organic cotton as well as 3D-printed ceramics, such as flower pots, vases and a wine rack in the range.
The alginate artworks by Ivan Marjanović are a special highlight. Alginate is extracted from brown algae and is mainly used in the food industry as a gelling and thickening agent, but also in cosmetics and textiles. In his final thesis for his Master’s degree in architecture, Marjanović looked at alginates as a sustainable alternative to conventional building materials such as stone or concrete.

Experience products live

The TU Graz graduate’s experiments resulted in spectacular works that have already been exhibited many times over; among others, at Pula Aquarium and most recently at the Ars Electronica Center Linz. Now parts of the series “ALG-A – Algae Architecture” are being presented in Graz. Together with selected pieces of furniture from the StudentsART online shop, they will adorn the shop windows of the fashion boutiques Secret Room (Hans-Sachs-Gasse 14) and Pilatus (Stempfergasse 4) until January. A welcome opportunity to have a look at the products not only online but also physically before buying.


Further products by students welcome

The invitation of the Research & Technology House to teaching staff and students of TU Graz to participate in the platform with objects and to use it as a sales platform still applies, of course. If you are interested, please contact StudentsART project coordinator Mario Fallast.


DI Mario Fallast
TU Graz | Research & Technology House
Phone +43 316 873 6038

The artwork "Bubbles" consists of a glass cylinder filled with inflated alginate bubbles. © StudentsART
The artwork "Freeform" is a three-dimensionally molded alginate with a colour gradient from blue to transparent. It is a unique piece from the series "ALG.A". © StudentsART
The ANNÒ piece of furniture (120cm x 80cm x 50cm) is a timeless bench made of solid pinewood. It is encased in black belt straps. © StudentsART
Archibald - an obscure clothes butler, always ready to lend a hand. A small wardrobe, a chair and a table. All this becomes one in this piece of furniture. © StudentsART
"Traditional" turned wood, reinterpreted: The PIKA chair is made of solid walnut, the pillow is removable and allows new combinations. © Alexander Winkler – StudentsART
The throw pillow was made from organic half-panama cotton. For the design, architecture student Aline Lugner was inspired by the paintings by Henri Matisse. © StudentsART
3D-printed ceramics like this wine rack can be found in the StudentsART webshop. © StudentsART