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NAWI Graz: new English-language Geosciences master’s degree programme

04/18/2018 | TU Graz news | Studies

By Barbara Gigler

NAWI Graz will launch a new English-language Geosciences master’s degree in the 2018/19 winter semester. Registration for the programme is open until 30 April.

NAWI Graz students exchange ideas in nature. © Lunghammer - TU Graz
Implementing tunnel-building projects in the Andes or through the Koralm mountains, preparing expert geological assessments for wind turbines or performing research in natural history museums: graduates of the Geosciences master’s degree will be fully equipped to carry out all of these activities. The programme will be offered exclusively in English from next semester, and has been revamped to cover an even wider spectrum of disciplines. Besides geology and palaeontology, specialist areas include petrology, geochemistry, the science of the distribution of elements and compounds in all parts of the geosphere, as well as mineralogy, hydrogeochemistry, hydrogeology and engineering geology.

Dietmar Klammer, the responsible dean of studies at TU Graz, highlighted the programme’s advantages for graduates and their prospective career opportunities: “There will be strong demand for graduates both in Austria and abroad – from research institutes, industry, engineering firms, the mining industry and public authorities. The programme has an extremely flexible design, and gives students the chance to specialise according to their own specific interests.” Steffen Birk, programme coordinator at the University of Graz, added: “The degree programme combines a thorough theoretical grounding with application-driven know-how, so graduates will tick all of the boxes for an international career in science or industry.”

Application deadline on 30 April

Applicants who have not obtained a bachelor’s degree from TU Graz or the University of Graz, or as part of a NAWI Graz programme must complete an application procedure. The closing date for applications is 30 April.

NAWI Graz Geocenter: a geosciences hotspot

The establishment of the NAWI Graz Geocenter, and the cooperation between the earth sciences and geotechnology institutes at TU Graz and the University of Graz has given rise to a unique inter-university facility – the only one of its kind in Austria – which has transformed the city into a prominent international geoscience and geotechnology hotspot. On-site synergies can be leveraged more effectively and the various disciplines based there can achieve progress hand in hand. The Geocenter will soon move to a new home at TU Graz’s Inffeldgasse Campus. Thanks to the close physical proximity of activities in future, existing teaching and research partnerships will be deepened and new ones established. Plans are in place for the joint use of labs and equipment, the merger of workshops and technical libraries, as well as shared classrooms.

NAWI Graz Natural Sciences

In the 2018 winter semester, NAWI Graz will offer a total of 21 bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes (six bachelor’s and 15 master’s, of which a total of eight are taught in English), with around 5,500 students. NAWI Graz’s aims include strengthening and expanding the facility and enhancing its international position, as well as bundling expertise in science teaching and research in Graz. NAWI Graz was set up in collaboration between the University of Graz and TU Graz, with the aim of implementing joint teaching, research and doctoral programmes.


The English Master's Programme Geosciences at a glance

Information on the admission procedure


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NAWI Graz students exchange ideas in nature. © Lunghammer - TU Graz