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Experiencing architecture: Graz Open Architecture 18

06/20/2018 | TU Graz news | Events

By Ute Wiedner

The Faculty of Architecture at TU Graz celebrates the end of the semester on 29th of June, and issues an open invitation to the summer party with exhibitions, music and food. Entrance free of charge.

Students and teaching staff work together when the Faculty of Architecture of TU Graz presents students work from the year 2017/18 – with a wide range of thematic tours, music and food.
Under the title ‘Summer Party and Exhibition - GRAZ OPEN ARCHITECTURE’, the Faculty of Architecture celebrates two semesters of intensive work. The 13 institutes and technical drawing rooms are opening their doors for the fifth time at the end of the semester and will present students’ work which was carried out in the 2017/2018 winter and summer semesters. Live music, summery bars and good food will provide for a festive atmosphere at Campus Alte Technik starting at midday. Entrance is free, school pupils and of course students and everyone interested in architecture are cordially invited! Participating in the guided thematic tours alone is worth the effort.

From ‘Open city tour’ to ‘Tour of the first year of studies’

The varied programme with its diverse thematic tours starts at midday. At 10 am there are exciting experiments involving paper called ‘paper works’ for younger guests from four years of age. The ‘Open city tour’ at the Institute of Urbanism will put up for discussion the roles played by mobility, careful handling of resources, climate change and quality of life in current urban development on the basis of student and research projects. The ‘Städtebau’ tour goes beyond the confines of TU Graz Campus through the city of Graz by bicycle. Please bring bicycle! The ‘Tour of the first year of studies’ will give a compact overview of the important courses and work in the introductory stage of the bachelor’s programme in architecture. At 10 pm the party will go into extra time with a DJ line-up in the inner courtyard.


    • 10.00 – 16.00 Children’s programme ‘paper works’ – Lessingstraße 25, in front of the furniture workshop of the Institute of Spatial Design
    • 12.00 Beginning of the exhibition
    • 13.30 Opening of the Twist Pavilion – meeting point in the park belonging to Rechbauerstraße 12
    • 14.00 Open city tour – meeting point at the Institute of Urbanism
    • 15.00 Tour with students through the Faculty 1 – meeting point in the foyer of Rechbauerstraße 12
    • 15.30 ‘Städtebau’ bicycle tour through Graz – meeting point: In front of Café Kork, Lessingstraße 25, –with bike!
    • 16.00 Award of the KOEN sketchbook prize – meeting point in the foyer of Rechbauerstraße 12
    • 17.00 Tour of the first year of studies – meeting point in the foyer of Rechbauerstraße 12
    • 18.00 Tour with students through the Faculty 2 – meeting point in the foyer of Rechbauerstraße 12
    • 16.00 to 22.00 Music in the park
    • 22.00 to 02.00 DJ line-up in the inner courtyard
    Wooden pavilion with vertical wooden-slat structure on a timber podium under a full-leafed tree in the park behind the Alte Technik.
    The Twist Pavilion was developed as an information stand for the timber region Murau in the master’s studios at the Institute of Architecture and Media and is exhibited in the park of the Alte Technik in Graz.

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    Exhibition and summer party of the Faculty of Architecture at TU Graz Date: Friday, 29 the June 2018, from midday
    Place: Campus Alte Technik, Rechbauerstraße 12 and Lessingstraße 25, 8010 Graz, Austria
    Entry is free of charge.
    Details of the programme can be found on the website of the Faculty of Architecture.
    The event ‘Graz Open Architecture’ is part of ‘Architecture Summer 2018’.


    Faculty of Architecture
    Technikerstraße 4/III, 8010 Graz
    Phone: +43 316 873 4188