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3 New English Master’s Programmes in Autumn 2016

04/19/2016 | TU Graz news

In the winter semester of 2016/17 a further three master’s programmes at TU Graz will be held exclusively in English: Biomedical Engineering, Software Engineering and Management and Advanced Materials Science.

As from autumn 2016 TU Graz offers 11 English master's programmes (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)
Photographic material available for download at the end of the text. Graz University of Technology continues its ambitious internationalisation strategy – a significant advantage in the competition with international academic institutions for the best minds in research, teaching and among its student body. “If we want to attract top-class, non-German speaking teaching staff, it is essential to offer a range of study programmes in English. For the exchange of students with leading technical universities worldwide English-language offers are also prerequisite. With these additional three programmes we offer no less than 11 master’s programmes in English as per autumn 2016. All our PhD programmes have been offered exclusively in English since 2013”, explains Harald Kainz, Rector of Graz University of Technology. The long-term strategy of Graz University of Technology is to build a strong network with leading international universities of technology – in terms of both intensive joint research programmes and a broad exchange of teaching staff and students.

Application deadline ends on 30 April

Student applicants interested in registering for an English master’s degree programme at TU Graz, including the new master’s programmes Biomedical Engineering, Software Engineering and Management as well as Advanced Materials Science (a NAWI Graz programme) who have not graduated from clearly defined bachelor’s degree programmes offered at TU Graz or NAWI Graz, must complete an admission procedure. The application deadline ends on 30 April 2016.

Almost complete changeover by 2018/19

Graz University of Technology aims to offer most of its master’s programmes in English by the winter semester of 2018/19. Rector Harald Kainz continues: “In this way we can make sure on the one hand that our students are best equipped for their international careers. On the other hand, we have already managed to attract well-known, international visiting professors and international top researchers to the University with this strategy.“ In the winter semester of 2016/17 there will be a total of eleven master’s programmes offered exclusively in English at Graz University of Technology:
  • Advanced Materials Science (new; NAWI Graz)
  • Biomedical Engineering (new)
  • Biotechnology (NAWI Graz)
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering (NAWI Graz)
  • Computer Science
  • Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering
  • Information and Computer Engineering
  • Mathematics (NAWI Graz)
  • Production Science and Management
  • Software Engineering and Management (new)
  • Technical Chemistry (NAWI Graz)

Support measures and courses

The internationalisation strategy of Graz University of Technology is accompanied by specific measures and support programmes. Students can make use of all the language courses at Graz University of Technology free of charge. Academic staff are offered training programmes lasting several weeks, such as “Teaching in English” or “Writing in English”, in cooperation with Montclair State University. On top of this there are numerous courses offering languages and teaching skills, such as “Intercultural Training Sessions” in the University’s own continuing education programme. Non-academic staff are also provided for in the internationalisation strategy. The range of possibilities here extends from continuing education courses abroad which are supported by the University to language courses or intercultural training courses.


TU Graz' master's degree programmmes taught in English at a glance

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Degree programmes at TU Graz are diverse and international (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)
TU Graz continues its internationalisation strategy (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)
By the winter semester 2018/19 TU Graz will offer most of its master's programmes in English (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)
Rektor Harald Kainz puts strong emphasis on a strong worldwide network and on internationalisation of TU Graz (© Lunghammer - TU Graz)
The internationalisation strategy of TU Graz is accompanied by specific measures and support programmes for students and staff (© TU Graz)