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The Media Service page contains press releases on current developments involving TU Graz as well as facts and figures and image material in print quality. The Media Service team is the central contact point for journalists, arranges contacts with interview subjects and supports members of TU Graz in their publicity work.

Paolo Falcaro with suit and tie in front of a green-blue background
Monday 04. December 2017

ERC grant for TU Graz materials researcher Paolo Falcaro

Paolo Falcaro has secured a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant for his research into microporous crystals, known as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), at TU Graz. The ERC will provide EUR 2 million in funding for research into these high-performance, leading-edge materials.

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A TU Graz researcher surrounded by pupils at the Geoday. All wear VR goggles while looking at a screen which is hardly to be seen on the edge of the image.
Thursday 09. November 2017

Geo-studies: From surveying to climate protection

Geodesists measure the Earth, know how GPS works, and what 3D models of the Earth are used for. If you want to know more about geo-studies, come to geoday2017@TU Graz on 17.11..

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A female and a male researcher in a lab next to a laboratory apparatus
Monday 30. October 2017

Top research: Financial funding running into millions for TU Graz lead projects

Two interdisciplinary basic research projects in the fields of biomechanics and materials sciences will be funded to the amount of 3.5 million euros from TU Graz funds for three years from 2018.

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Tuesday 31. October 2017

New CD lab for high-performance alloys at TU Graz

Maria Cecilia Poletti heads the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Design of High-Performance Alloys by Thermomechanical Processing. Industrial partners are Böhler Schmiedetechnik and Nemak Linz.

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Tuesday 24. October 2017

Testing the test beds: new Christian Doppler lab at TU Graz

Starting shot for Christian Doppler Laboratory for Model-Based Control of Complex Test Bed Systems.

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Monday 23. October 2017

Boost for lipid research: Graz researchers facilitate lipid data analysis

Illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis may also be associated with lipids. Disorders are difficult to assess due to the diversity of lipids. Graz scientists present a new tool for the analysis of lipids in Nature Methods.

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Monday 16. October 2017

Germ-free hatching eggs: An alternative to formaldehyde application

Hatching eggs in large-scale hatcheries are currently treated with formaldehyde to eliminate germs. Researchers from TU Graz, acib and Roombiotic have now developed a natural alternative.

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Thursday 12. October 2017

Enzymes at work: breaking down stubborn cellulose

TU Graz researchers observe enzymes breaking down cellulose to aid the production of biofuels. The results are now published in Nature Communications.

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Thursday 28. September 2017

Making surgical screws from bones

Biomechanics from TU Graz are developing surgical screws from donated human bone material for foot and jaw surgery in a FFG-funded project together with surgebright, a start-up from Linz.

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Tuesday 26. September 2017

X-ray Views into the Nanoworld: International SAXS Community Celebrates in Graz

Graz has been a hotspot for small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) for the analysis of nanostructured materials for 60 years now. The International SAXS Symposium at TU Graz demonstrates the continuing significance of this technology.

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Wednesday 20. September 2017

SpaceTech: TU Graz celebrates its first graduates

The eight graduates of the part-time master’s programme all come from the aerospace sector. As part of the programme they developed lunar vehicles for the ESA Moon Village.

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A female student of the BCI Racing Team Mirage 91 in front of a computer game, wearing a special cap to measure brain waves.
Tuesday 12. September 2017

Between vision and reality: Brain Computer Interface Conference at TU Graz

The international community of brain computer interface (BCI) experts will meet between 18 and 22 September in Graz. As part of the programme a Science Slam will put an entertaining spotlight on the current state of BCI research.

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Wednesday 06. September 2017

Brain Composer: “thinking” melodies onto a musical score

TU Graz researchers develop new brain-computer interface application which allows music to be composed by the power of thought. How this works is shown in the current issue of the journal PLOS ONE.

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Friday 25. August 2017

24 hours instead of 42 kilometres: Innovation Marathon in Alpbach

Working 24 hours non-stop on real-life problems set by companies and proving the power of innovation at the Alpbach Technology Symposium. The 3rd TU Austria Innovation Marathon presented 40 students with a “physical” challenge.

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Representatives of Politics, Economy and Science present Styrias increased R&D share.
Thursday 17. August 2017

Styria is the number one research region in Europe

With a research and development share of 5.16 per cent in 2015, Styria comes out on top among European research regions for the first time.

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Monday 31. July 2017

RoboCup Japan 2017: GRIPS Team from TU Graz are Vice-Champions

Another major success for a student team from TU Graz: GRIPS RoboCup team wins second place in the “Logistics” league of the RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya, Japan.

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Monday 24. July 2017

TU Graz is part of the Oman Mars simulation AMADEE-18

With 19 experiments, the analog mission of the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) in Oman will serve for preparation for a manned mission to Mars. TU Graz is especially well-represented with three experiments.

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Monday 10. July 2017

TU Graz tests autonomous transport logistics in the “last mile”

Drones as modern carrier pigeons and autonomous electric vehicles as urban suppliers: TU Graz’s expertise is at a premium in trialling of new delivery methods.

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Monday 03. July 2017

New pilot factory at TU Graz

Industry 4.0 test laboratory for TU Graz and 20 domestic companies, funded by the ministry for infrastructure

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Monday 26. June 2017

NAWI Graz researchers measure light fields in 3D

Researchers from TU Graz and the University of Graz present the new method of 3D-plasmon tomography in Nature Communications.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Drei Männer und eine Frau halten beziehungsweise betrachten den Kleinsatelliten OPSSAT.
Monday 12. June 2017

TU Graz builds new ESA satellite: Nanosatellite “PRETTY” measures ice masses and ocean waves for climate research

PRETTY is the third CubeSat mission of TU Graz. The satellite is being built together with RUAG Space and should be launched into space in 2020.

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Three men and one female student at a test stand of the competence center
Wednesday 31. May 2017

Starting shot for AVL-TU Graz Transmission Center: gearbox systems on the test rig

AVL and TU Graz open the world’s most advanced competence centre for research and development on novel transmission systems.

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Thursday 11. May 2017

Electrostatic design of materials: TU Graz demonstrates a fundamentally new approach

Researchers at the Institute of Solid State Physics map out a radically new approach for designing optical and electronic properties of materials in Advanced Materials.

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[Translate to Englisch:] zwei Männer in einem Fahrsimulator
Thursday 04. May 2017

Self-driving cars: Europe’s most diverse test environment under development in Styria

ALP.Lab offers test tracks, road tests on motorways and in cities as well as simulators for companies – Ministry for Infrastructure provides funding to the tune of 5.6 million euros.

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Friday 28. April 2017

When electric vehicles crash, what happens to the battery?

How EV batteries behave in detail during crash loads and what influence the previous life of the battery has on its safety is being investigated by TU Graz and partners in the K-project “SafeBattery”.

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Wednesday 26. April 2017

Metabolic disorders: University of Graz and TU Graz “research studio”

The agent Atglistatin can reduce the level of fatty acid in the blood. Funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, researchers at the University of Graz and TU Graz want to further develop the agent into a medicine to treat metabolic disorders.

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Friday 21. April 2017

Experiencing space: TU Graz presents the architecture magazine GAM.13

“Spatial Expeditions”: GAM.13 is dedicated to the experience of space using all the senses. On Thursday 27 April, the Faculty of Architecture of TU Graz will present the current issue – guests are welcome!

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Wednesday 19. April 2017

10 years of RoboCupJunior in Austria: A playground and career ladder for budding technologists

On the tenth anniversary of the RoboCupJunior educational initiative, the state championships will be held in Weiz this year. TU Graz, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien are combining their forces and have confidence in the ‘RoboCupJunior career ladder’.

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Thursday 06. April 2017

Open day taster at the Graz unis on 20 April

Prospective students are most welcome: The University of Graz, University of Music and Performing Arts, Medical University of Graz and TU Graz present the broad range of their study programmes together on Thursday, 20 April 2017.

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Wednesday 22. March 2017

Protective switch to treat obesity

Scientists at the University of Graz and TU Graz have developed an active ingredient that reduces obesity and can prevent type II diabetes as well as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Monday 20. March 2017

TU Graz researchers show that enzyme function inhibits battery ageing

Stefan Freunberger, beneficiary of an ERC grant at TU Graz, shows in Nature Energy the influence of the reactive singlet oxygen on ageing processes in non-aqueous oxygen batteries.

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Two students making "give me five"
Wednesday 08. March 2017

TU Graz: three new English master’s programmes in autumn 2017

In the winter semester 2017/18, TU Graz will be offering 14 master’s programmes just in English. What’s new – apart from the NAWI Graz master’s programmes Physics and Technical Physics – is Biorefinery Engineering, a course unique in Europe.

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Schematic representation of the illumination of the sensor domain of a photo-receptor and the molecular propagation of the light signal to the effector
Friday 03. March 2017

Biological system with light switch: new findings from Graz

For the first time ever, researchers at TU Graz and the Medical University of Graz have managed to functionally characterise the three-dimensional interaction between red-light receptors and enzymatic effectors. The results, with implications for optogenetics, have been published in Science Advances.

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A Photomontage of the nanosatellite TUGSAT-1 in orbit overlooking the earth.
Wednesday 22. February 2017

Four years in space: Austrian BRITE satellites

TUGSAT-1 and UniBRITE have been in space since 2013. During this time 350 stars have been observed, new variable stars discovered, and 12 scientific papers published in international journals.

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Thursday 02. February 2017

Technology is for girls! FIT Info Days starting 13th February

Place in the leture hall, great career opportunities: nevertheless some girls shy away from mechanical engineering, physics and all the rest. The “Women in Technology” Info Days at TU Graz are meant to put this right.

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Saturday 28. January 2017

Ballroom instead of lecture hall: the TU Graz Ball 2017

Under the slogan “Living technology”, the TU Graz Ball 2017 was dedicated to the topic of Human & Biotechnology. The highlight for guests of the ball at Congress Graz was a virtual thought race.

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Wednesday 07. December 2016

Porous crystalline materials: TU Graz researcher shows method for controlled growth

Microporous crystals (MOFs) have a great potential as functional materials of the future. Paolo Falcaro of TU Graz et al demonstrate in Nature Materials how the growth of MOFs can be precisely controlled on a large scale.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Rektor Kainz, Cornelia Kawann und Emo Welzl halten die Grndungsurkunde des neuen Alumni Chapters in die Kamera
Friday 02. December 2016

TU Graz launches international alumni network at ETH Zurich

TU Graz promotes cross-border alumni activities as part of internationalisation strategy. The first highlight of “alumni eXtended” was the opening of the “TU Graz Alumni Chapter Suisse” at ETH Zurich yesterday evening.

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Thursday 01. December 2016

Energy hybrid: Battery meets super capacitor

Researchers from the universities of Montpellier, Bordeaux and TU Graz demonstrate in Nature Materials that it is possible to combine the high-energy density of batteries with the high-power output of super capacitors in a single system – thanks to liquid energy storage materials.

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Thursday 24. November 2016

New honorary senators of TU Graz: Hannes Androsch and Günther Apfalter

Hannes Androsch and Günther Apfalter have been made honorary senators by TU Graz as a sign of solidarity and appreciation. Würzburg physicist Werner Hanke awarded a honorary doctorate.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Gruppenfoto in der Aula, von links nach rechts Katrin Ellermann, Stefanie Lindstaedt, Tanja Wrodnigg, Juliane Bogner-Strauss, Annette Mütze, Maria Cecilia Poletti und Gabriele Berg, am Foto vertreten von Martina Köberl.
Monday 21. November 2016

More women in positions of leadership: Careers programme of TU Graz takes effect

The first Austria-wide career management project for women academics in leadership positions ended at TU Graz today. Eight researchers successfully supported in the development of their careers.

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Tuesday 15. November 2016

‘Kepler robotics’: TU Graz sponsors school team to the amount of 1,000 euros

Karin Schaupp, chair of the University Council of TU Graz, handed over a cheque worth 1,000 euros to Team ‘kepler robotics’ of the Kepler Secondary School. The patron of the sponsoring partnership is state councillor Christopher Drexler.

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Friday 11. November 2016

Teaching stars: TU Graz awards prizes to lecturers of excellence

Outstanding teaching rarely gets curtain calls. Rarely, but not never. Witness TU Graz, where four outstanding lecturers received the Prize for Excellence in Teaching on Wednesday, 9 November.

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Two men discuss IT-applications in front of a monitor
Tuesday 08. November 2016

Fit for the future in software and IT: TU Graz leads Industry 4.0 qualification network

To recognise IT and software trends early and implement them creates regional value enhancement. Making key personnel fit for the future is the aim of the qualification network “Value Network Süd – IT-enabled Eco Systems”.

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Monday 24. October 2016

TU Graz’s HyCentA and AVL List open Europe’s most modern test stand for fuel-cell systems

A building block in the energy revolution mosaic. The research centre HyCentA along with AVL List GmbH opened Europe’s most modern test infrastructure for fuel-cell systems on 21 October.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Anna Maria Coclite forscht im Bereich der Materialwissenschaften und ist die erste Frau mit einem ERC Grant an der TU Graz
Tuesday 04. October 2016

Smart artificial skin: ERC grant for researcher at TU Graz

Anna Maria Coclite is the first woman to be awarded an ERC Starting Grant at TU Graz. Her research project deals with developing a hybrid material to produce an artificial skin with multi-responsive sensors.

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Wednesday 28. September 2016

25 years of AustroMir: from Mozart balls to ion cannons

Franz Viehböck took off 25 years ago – the one and only Austrian in space. Researchers at TU Graz performed pioneering work in extraterrestrial materials analysis and facilitated the first ever networked communication between several locations on Earth and in space.

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Monday 26. September 2016

TU Graz launches Christian Doppler Laboratory for Brushless drives for pump and fan applications

The aim of the new CD Laboratory, a joint project between TU Graz and Mechatronics Systems – an SME from Styria, is to make use of electrical energy in auxiliary drives and household appliances as efficiently as possible.

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Thursday 22. September 2016

Styria on the way to becoming leading software region of Europe

The recommendations from Stanford expert Burton Lee to Styria on its way to becoming the leading European software and industry region range from talent initiatives and “hackathons” to setting up a Styrian Software Council.

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At the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Lithium Batteries at TU Graz Michael Sternad, Martin Wilkening und Georg Hirtler (from left to right) managed to use monocrystalline silicon, which microchips consist of, directly as a battery electrode. Thus the microchip not only houses the electronics, but is at the same time an important part of a mini battery.
Wednesday 17. August 2016

Piggyback battery for microchips: TU Graz researchers develop new concept

Electrochemists at TU Graz have managed to use monocrystalline semiconductor silicon as an active storage electrode in lithium batteries. This enables an integrated power supply to be made for microchips with a rechargeable battery.

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Approx. 15 Studierende in smaller groups in front of Lecture Hall 1 at TU Graz' Campus "Alte Technik".
Tuesday 09. August 2016

For a smooth start into your studies: MathsFit course and enrolment advice

Newcomers can brush up their maths skills in time for autumn term with the MathsFit course offered by TU Graz. And the Students’ Union at TU Graz offers advice and guidance and answers any questions new students may have.

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Monday 01. August 2016

TU Graz develops environmentally friendly eco-concrete

Grey on the outside, green inside: The production of “Öko²-Beton” concrete consumes up to 30 percent less CO2 than the production of standard concrete, and yet the “green” concrete is by no means less stable or less convenient to process.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Ein Gruppenbild der "Graz Griffins" mit Drohnen.
Friday 29. July 2016

TU Graz team is international UAV challenge finalist

The “Graz Griffins” is one of only 10 student teams worldwide in the finals of a competition for search and rescue UAVs. The teams will compete for 1st place and the 100,000 dollar prize money at the end of August.

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Zhe image shows a computer workstation with a screen and a keyboard and numerous other things. On screen the logo of the Cloud Signature Consortium is seen.
Friday 08. July 2016

Digital signatures: TU Graz in Adobe consortium

The aim of Adobe-led consortium is to create open standards for cloud-based digital signatures. TU Graz is the first university worldwide to be part of this. First results will be available this year.

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Two successful TU Graz robotic teams; also showing at the picture rescue robot Wowbagger of Team TEDUSAR and three logistics robots of Team GRIPS
Friday 08. July 2016

World champions: TU Graz teams secure victory at RoboCup

Two TU Graz teams achieve success at the RoboCup2016: Team TEDUSAR becomes world champion in Autonomous Exploration in the Rescue Robot league; Team GRIPS wins third place in the Logistics league and is Rookie of the Year

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Monday 11. July 2016

TU Graz invests in grinding technology

Unique worldwide and made in Austria: TU Graz is strengthening the field of production technology with a new grinding machine for engines and drive components to the value of 1 million euros.

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Monday 27. June 2016

Virtual worlds at TU Graz: 10 years of DAVE

DAVE, a real gate of TU Graz to simulated 3D worlds, will be 10 years old this year. This will be celebrated with the 1st Graz Virtual Reality Night which will give insights into current research questions and applications.


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Close-up view of a photovoltaic cell
Tuesday 14. June 2016

At the atomic level: Lecture by Fritz Prinz on 22 June

Fritz Prinz from Stanford University wants to convert and store energy more efficiently using new materials and methods. But how? That’s what’s up for discussion at TU Graz on 22 June.

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A female student at TU Graz studying at the Computer Lab.
Wednesday 08. June 2016

No need to be technology shy: Computer courses for girls

Discover computers in a playful way and build up self-confidence regarding technology. This summer too, TU Graz is offering computer courses to girls from 10 years on. There are still some free places – register now!

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[Translate to Englisch:] Sujetfoto aus der Materialforschung: Schweißen von Metallteilen
Wednesday 25. May 2016

Graz as a centre for tailor-made materials

Materials research as a foundation for innovative products. More than 1,200 experts in high-performance materials of the future are coming to Graz for the THERMEC convention starting on 29 May.

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A Product Innovation Project team, three male and one female students in front of the FabLab of TU Graz.
Thursday 02. June 2016

Task meets solution: students develop industry-compatible prototypes

Eight companies, eight topics, eight interdisciplinary student teams make eight innovative solution concepts for real tasks from industry at the Product Innovation Project 2016 of TU Graz.

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Tuesday 26. April 2016

Orientation for robots: TU Graz launches Christian Doppler-Lab for Semantic 3D Computer Vision

Funded by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and the Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, the team wants to enable computers to orientate themselves in a non-standard environment.

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Thursday 21. April 2016

From the laboratory at TU Graz to the Innovation State Prize

Patents, prizes and a start-up: A project by TU Graz and the RCPE about disinfection using the effects of light has far-reaching impacts. The anti-germ technology has recently been awarded the ECONOVIUS prize

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Three students learning at Campus Neue Technik
Tuesday 19. April 2016

3 New English Master’s Programmes in Autumn 2016

In the winter semester of 2016/17 a further three master’s programmes at TU Graz will be held exclusively in English: Biomedical Engineering, Software Engineering and Management and Advanced Materials Science.

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A little boy and a woman fascinated at the Long Night of Research at TU Graz.
Monday 18. April 2016

Science live: Long Night of Research on 22 April

TU Graz to participate in Austria’s biggest research event on 22 April – an entertaining opportunity to experience science and engineering research live. Entry is free.

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Thursday 31. March 2016

Solar cell + battery: TU Graz researches hybrid systems

In the FFG project SolaBat, TU Graz is entering almost new research territory. Photovoltaic cells are to be combined into one device with electrochemical energy storage systems.

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Huge contruction machines stand on desert sand. The soil is worked on. The sky is blue.
Tuesday 29. March 2016

Ground improvement

400 specialists discuss possibilities of ground improvement for construction work at the 31st Christian Veder Colloquium from 31 March to 1 April, 2016, at Graz University of Technology

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A photomontage of the satelliten TUGSAT-1 in space.
Friday 18. March 2016

Austrian nanosats yield first research results

TUGSAT-1/BRITE-Austria and UniBRITE, Austria's first satellites in space, celebrate their third birthday. "Astronomy & Astrophysics" publishes three papers with the ESA-missions latest results.

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Two female and two male students of TU Graz in front of a bright green writing saying "Energie" in a building at Campus Inffeldgasse.
Tuesday 15. March 2016

Open Day taster at the Graz unis on 31 March

The University of Graz, University of Music and Performing Arts, Medical University of Graz and TU Graz present the broad range of their study programmes together on Thursday, 31 March 2016.

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An older picture of the "Haus Fischer", the first austrian solar house at the Grundlsee.
Wednesday 24. February 2016

Austrian Science Fund sponsors TU Graz architecture projects

Basic research in the practice-oriented discipline of architecture is gaining importance at TU Graz. Three projects are about to be launched which will be sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Ein Modell-Lkw mit rotem Führerhaus und weißem Container mit TU Graz Logo steht im Testlabor auf einem Tisch
Wednesday 10. February 2016

Dependable Internet of Things: TU Graz launches lead project

Billions of mini-computers in everyday objects: TU Graz funds its first lead project “Dependable Internet of Things” to the tune of two million euros.

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Group picture with Rector Harald Kainz, Carlo Alberto Boano, Andreas Eitzlmayr and Federal President Heinz Fischer.
Monday 08. February 2016

Top performance: Andreas Eitzlmayr and Carlo Alberto Boano awarded doctorates sub auspiciis

Process engineer Eitzlmayr and telematics engineer Boano gained the best grades possible from school to doctorate –congratulated personally by President Fischer.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Hartwig Holweg, Vorsitzender des Ballkommitees, Christof Sommitsch, Institutsleiter an der TU Graz, TU Graz Senatsvorsitzender Gernot Kubin, alumni-Leiter Ferdinand Hofer, Magna-Manager Wolfgang Zitz, TU Graz Uniratsvorsitzende Karin Schaupp, SFL technologies-Eigentümer Johann Höllwart und Rektor Harald Kainz.
Saturday 30. January 2016

“Smart” Night: The TU Graz Ball 2016

“Always on the ball with smart technology” was the slogan of yesterday’s “Ball der Technik” 2016. The ball revealed some surprises in the form of a welding contest and tiaras made by a 3D printer.

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Monday 25. January 2016

Paper down to fibre level

Paper is a sophisticated material. It has to satisfy many partly conflicting demands all at the same time, covering the full range from industrial printing to its use as a packaging material. Yesterday, Monday 11 January 2016, the “Christian-Doppler (CD) Laboratory for Fibre Swelling and its Influence on the Properties of Paper” opened its doors at Graz University of Technology. Together with private enterprise partners Mondi Europe and Océ and sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy of Austria, the team from Graz is...

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