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Student Mentoring

In the winter semester 2019/2020 TU Graz organizes a Student Mentoring for first semester students of all fields of study of the Faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineering Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences, Electrical and Information Engineering and Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. The Student Mentoring is integrated into the Guided Start measures of the university's Strategy of Academic Affairs. It supports first-year students in their first steps at the university by enabling them to get to know each other and the teachers through discussions in an informal setting.

Selected teachers at Graz University of Technology (mentors) act as key figures in building bridges between students and teachers. They encourage students to delve deeply into the selected subject, provide inspiration and orientation during the course of the studies, and lay the foundations for successful communication between students and teaching staff at TU Graz.

Student mentoring is offered in cooperation with the first semester tutorials of the student representatives. Tutors of first semester students of the respective degree programme contribute with their experience and perspectives and act as mediators in establishing contact with the mentors. Mentoring in each field of study begins with a large kick-off event in which an initial exchange between students, tutors and teachers is encouraged in an informal setting. Teachers and students from advanced semesters talk about the fascination that their field of study holds for them, how they structure their everyday lives and which tips are essential for first-year students. In small groups, questions can then be asked or topics deepened while consuming a few snacks.

Students are then given the opportunity to take part in further group and individual meetings, depending on the availability of the mentors, and take advantage of additional support to ensure that their studies are as successful as possible.

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Phone: +43 316 873 8551

Fields of Study Taking Part

First-semester students enrolled in the following fields of study can take part in the mentoring programme:

Bachelor's degree programmes:

International students of master’s degree programmes of TU Graz can take part in a Student Mentoring within the International Welcome Days.

In the future, the project will be expanded to include additional fields of study at TU Graz.

Your Advantages

As part of the first-semester tutorial, you can meet your mentor at the beginning of the winter semester of 2019/20 and obtain important information about your field of study.

Your mentor

  • is a teacher in your field of study at TU Graz,
  • familiarises you with the content and depth of your field of study,
  • talks to you about your goals and expectations,
  • tells you about their experiences during the period of their studies and research,
  • and helps you integrate into the University System.

As a mentee (first-semester student)

  • you have a chance to come in direct contact with your teachers and the key research areas,
  • talk about the various aspects and career prospects for your field of study,
  • compare your expectations with the requirements of your study programme,
  • and have a chance to ask questions and discover what the teachers expect from you, as well as what the daily life of a teacher and researcher looks like.