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Strategy of Academic Affairs

TU Graz strives to offer the highest international level of education in German and English. Students and teaching staff are placed at the center of the strategic development plan; the university is aware of its educational mission to society and identifies specific focal points.

Strategic Fields of Action

Additional strategic fields of action, which have various effects during different life stages, are derived based on the Student Lifecycle:

  • Positioning TU Graz as an excellent educational institution
  • MINT funding
  • Internationalization and diversification
  • Guided Start and Guided End
  • Motivational teaching and learning environment
  • Life Long Learning
  • Strengthening the network of alumni members

In addition to identifying strategic fields of action, the university strengthens the feedback culture, consistently implements measures and states its commitment to sustainability to support education. Real projects are being carried out and measures are being applied in these fields of action to strengthen teaching at TU Graz.

The Student Lifecycle

The TU Graz strategy of academic affairs is based on a holistic approach and applies to the entire Student Lifecycle.

The university assures the holistic effectiveness of their measures for education by accepting a responsibility to provide education over all stages of life, rather than only focusing on a specific time period. This approach contributes to lifelong learning as the students pursue their educational goals, moving along a path that takes them from the status of interested, prospective student to alumni member.

The phases describe different life stages and the associated needs of stakeholders in higher education. For this reason, each of the phases is based on a specific field of action.


Based on this strategy of academic affairs, TU Graz focuses on applying short-, medium- and long-term measures. These are coordinated with the student lifecycle and impact students and teaching staff directly. The Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs is primarily responsible for applying the strategy of academic affairs.

These specific measures, together with the strategic project Lehre 2020 (Education 2020) led by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, are implemented by the following service departments (in alphabetical order):

The team of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs interacts with all organisational units or institutions of TU Graz in order to make the strengths of the entire university visible, and to work together to achieve the goals of the strategy of the academic affairs.

Further Information

News about current developments in education at TU can be found in the News.

TU Graz staff and students can learn more about the strategy of academic affairs via the Intranet TU4U.