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Higher Education Development

Higher Education Development at TU Graz comprises planning, implementation and (further) development of teaching. Apart from strategic higher education development, the primary focus is on the use of innovative didactic models in higher education, if necessary supported by educational technologies.

The continual development of teaching consists of the following key points:

  • Enhancing teaching as a central pillar of the University by means of strategic work and the derivation of measures for further higher education development.
  • Support with the development of curricula.
  • Strengthening of the teaching profile of teaching staff by means of higher education didactics training and further qualification measures in the form of continuing education, trainings, lectures, guidance and events.
  • Innovation development in teaching through continual further development of measures of higher education didactics and the integration of innovative forms of teaching and learning as well as educational technologies.
  • Support of teaching through constant optimisation and further development of existing provisions as well as the adaptation to new requirements.
  • Ongoing evaluation for integration of the assessment and valuation of measures taken regarding teaching.

The aim of these measures is to ensure an excellent internationally oriented training of graduates of occupational fields in research and industry.

Source: Lunghammer – TU Graz

Information and Advice

Assistance to the Vice Rectorate of Academic Affairs

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Source: Trummer - TU Graz
Andrea Bernhard, Assistant to the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs - Higher Education Development

By means of the strategic project Education 2020, a central pillar of teaching is being created anew – higher education development. A high-quality and sustainable higher education development can only be designed together with students and teaching staff.