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TU Graz StreeTech

Robots, hackers, racing cars, sailing dinghies and a concrete canoe: on Saturday 16 June 2018 TU Graz will bring knowledge, technology and passion into the city. In TU Graz StreeTech – the next generation, student teams present their exceptional ideas and projects to the public on the streets of Graz.

Come along and see – on the Hauptplatz and at Eisernes Tor in Graz. There will be performances and info points on cars, robotics, boats and IT!

Meet the teams:

Sujet to the TU Graz Event StreeTech 2018, Source: TU Graz

Trailer – TU Graz StreeTech

Quick Facts

  • When? Saturday, 16 June 2018, 9 am to 6 pm
  • Where? Hauptplatz and the fountain at Eisernes Tor, Graz
  • Who? 9 Student teams
  • What? Performances and info points

Boat Teams

High speed and concrete – these are the specialties of the internationally successful TU Graz boat teams.



Source: TU Graz

Betonkanu TU Graz (concrete canoe)

The team will show you how concrete canoes are designed and built and how they are used in regattas. You can look at examples of materials and boats and even make your own little concrete canoe model. The real concrete canoe will be floated in the fountain at Eisernes Tor – you can even try paddling it yourself!
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High Performance Sailing – HPS TU Graz

High Performance Sailing Team can show you some of the latest technologies in sailing boats. You can see how research is done in this field and you can try and experiment for yourself: observe the airflow over a sail in a small wind tunnel and see if you can find the perfect trim. In the fountain at Eisernes Tor you can try out remote-controlled model boats or even sit in a sailing dinghy.
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Robot Teams

The days when robotics was science fiction are long gone. Our students are working on new applications and exciting control methods.



Source: TU Graz

TU Graz Field Robotics Team TEDUSAR

The team will be showing the Mars rover Husky, which has already been on a simulated Mars mission in Oman. You can look at the robot and its functions in detail. You can also see the Mars rover in action on the Hauptplatz, where it will map the terrain and make a 3D map autonomously.

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iGEM Team NAWI Graz

A robot controlled by bacteria? The iGEM Team NAWI Graz will show you how that can work. The research students have developed a communication interface between a robot and bacteria that won 2nd place in the international iGEM Competition. The robot will show what it can do by finding its way around a labyrinth by itself.

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Car Teams

Internal combustion engines or electric mobility: TU Graz students develop and build their own racing vehicles and are successful in international competitions.



Source: TU Graz

TU Graz Racing Team

Have you always wanted to sit in a racing car? With the TU Graz Racing team you can do just that, in the TANKIA, and let the team explain the parts of the car, race suits and equipment.

Ask the designers about the cars, see videos of the races or see how fast you can change tyres.



The TERA Team will present several energy-efficient electric vehicles that they designed themselves. The team has won multiple world championship titles for TU Graz with these cars. Also, find out about the newest technologies in electric mobility. And you can inspect some of the parts of these vehicles – such as carbon fibre mouldings – and see how they are made.

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IT Teams

TU Graz students work on extraordinary new methods for controlling devices - whether by transmission of thoughts or by hacking exploits.



Source: TU Graz

Graz BCI Racing Team – Mirage 91

Let the BCI Racing Team explain their Brain-Computer Interface technology and how it can be used. You can try it out yourself and control an avatar with your thoughts!

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Hackers gonna hack. And that includes some of our students, with the goal of making computers more and more secure against attacks. As so-called white hat hackers, the LosFuzzys show up the risks that exist in the web and how you can protect yourself from them. Successfully: in 2017 the team won first place in Austria.

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TU Graz Student Union

Any questions? The TU Graz Student Union (HTU Graz) can help you out with any information you need about studying at TU Graz.



HTU Graz

The HTU Graz will explain their work and services. At the information stands you can meet and chat with activists on education policy, social welfare policy, the women’s section or the students’ advice service. Find out about things like financial support for students, maker spaces or food sharing.

Have fun on the obstacle course with an e-cargo bike, and see how well your skils measure up against the rest!

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