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TU Graz Student Union

Comprehensive consultation, representation work, and expert service – the Student Union at Graz University of Technology (HTU) provides all of these services as the legal student representation body at Graz University of Technology.

Around 350 volunteers take care of the concerns and problems of more than 16,000 students at Graz University of Technology.


  • is involved in drawing up degree programmes and requirements.
  • advises students on matters of studying, accommodation and labour law, student exchange, grants and insurances.
  • provides financial support for students with financial difficulties (social fund, Mensa stamp, subsidy fund for citizens of third countries).
  • organises events including the TU-Fest, Sturm/Glühwein/Spritzer stands, BBQ parties, poetry slam, first-semester tutorials, etc.
  • holds theme evenings on rent agreements, insurance, work life, etc.
Elisabeth Salomon, member of the TU Graz student union

I enjoy getting involved and helping other students in my spare time. It can be quite time-consuming but it’s fun and absolutely worthwhile! The great thing about this work is that you meet lots of people and can make friends.


  • Name: TU Graz Student Union (HTU)   
  • Tasks: Legal representation of students at Graz University of Technology
  • Address:
    Rechbauerstraße 12
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
  • On Social Media:
  • Target group: interested students of all fields

Services for Students

Students have the following benefits when working for the HTU:

  • Networking: Meet lots of people at the HTU and Graz University of Technology
  • Tolerance semester for tuition fees and grants
  • Free-choice subject ECTS for your course
  • Soft skill further training seminars and internal parties
  • Flexible scheduling of work and time, also possible from home depending on the particular task


  • Ongoing, constructive involvement in uni life and curricula
  • Financial assistance for hundreds of socially disadvantaged students
  • Organisation of countless small and big parties at Graz University of Technology
  • Expert, fast advice on matters of studying
  • Defence of student rights – as far as the Higher Administrative Court (refunding of autonomous tuition fees, viewing of admission tests, etc.)


Do you want to make a difference at Graz University of Technology? Do you want to help your fellow students? Then the HTU is the right place for you!

For further details, refer to the our website or email us. Or better still: arrange a personal appointment.