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Audio Engineering Society Student Section Graz

From recording technology to apparatus engineering, acoustics and signal processing – the topics covered by the AES (Audio Engineering Society) are many and diverse. Members of the Student Section of the AES see professional audio technology as their passion and future profession.

The AES  is the international professional association of the audio industry. The organisation networks scientists, experts and students in the fields of research & development, music production, film & television. The AES is divided into sections around the world. The Student Section Graz has been part of the organisation since 1996.
In our team at the AES Student Section Graz our aim is to add more practice to the uni’s theoretical base. We try to put the wishes of our colleagues into practice. For example, we launched the Klangwerkstatt in response to the wish for a “Do-It-Yourself” event focusing on audio electronics. For one year, all participants learned how to build synthesizers, amplifiers or loudspeakers together. For our members, we organise an annual trip to the AES Convention, where the international audio scene comes together: they can take part in lectures, workshops and excursions and make important contacts in industry.


  • Name: AES Student Section Graz (Studierendenteam der Audio Engineering Society)  
  • Tasks: Verein der Studierenden im Bereich der Audioingenieurswissenschaften an der TU Graz und der Kunstuni Graz
  • Address:
    Inffeldgasse 16b
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
  • Facebook
  • Target group: interested students of all fields

Services for Students


If you would like to join the AES, just drop by one of the events in Graz and register there.