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Transport Planning Drawing Studio

The mission of the Transport Planning Drawing Studio is to help you get more out of your time as a student by working together, doing other stuff together and supporting each other.

The name of the Transport Planning Drawing Studio is based on the studio’s close relationship with the Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy and the Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning at TU Graz. The group is dedicated to knowledge transfer and social activities and offers students help with their studies by sharing knowledge and studying together.

If you are looking for a close-knit community of fellow students where you can share papers and tips and make friends, then you're in the right place in the Transport Planning Drawing Studio. Here you can study in peace, or come for a coffee and a chat between lectures, watch TV, or play a game of table football. The drawing studio has a large collection of papers that are relevant to your courses, that are available to all members. The members often do non-academic things together, skiing holidays or city trips or just going out on the town. I'm very glad to be a member of this community and that I got to know such nice people here.


  • Name: Verkehrswesenzeichensaal  
  • Tasks: self-managed student collective for students in the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences
  • Address:
    Mandellstraße 9/EG
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
  • Facebook
  • Target group: students in the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences

Services for Students

  • A strong community of students that can offer many kinds of help and support
  • Benefit from the knowledge of students who are further on in their studies than you are
  • Two project and study rooms with IT, data projector, printers and WiFi
  • Common room with a dartboard, table football table and a TV with a games console
  • Cooking and eating area
  • Large collection of study papers: exam papers, summaries, lecture notes for optimal exam preparation
  • Contacts to business and industry
  • Shared recreational activities: sport, culture, eating and drinking
  • Friendships that often last beyond student days


Are you a student in the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences? Would you like to be an active member of the Transport Planning Drawing Studio? Just drop in at Mandellstraße 9 – any members will be happy to show you around and tell you anything you need to know about the group. Admission as a member takes place in the course of a beer evening every 2 or 3 months.