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Steel Construction Drawing Studio

The TU Graz drawing studios are spaces provided by the university for students of different subjects to study and work together – in this case students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. They are managed by the students for the students. Members should bring with them an interest in being part of a group, motivation, and enjoyment of their subject.

The main goals are to support the bachelor and master's courses in the faculty of civil engineering, and the development of students in all the specialties of the faculty.

Holding her diploma in her hands, Andrea Lumesberger, who graduated in early 2017, delivers her farewell message. The drawing studio clearly played an important role in her success:

A special thank you to my friends and fellow students, especially the other members of the Steel Construction drawing studio, for all the fun times, the creative coffee breaks, constructive project work and successful preparation for exams. Also for the words of encouragement when I needed them. All this made my time studying to one of the best times of my life so far!


  • Name: Stahlbauzeichensaal  
  • Tasks: Self-managed student collective for students of civil engineering
  • Address:
    Lessingstraße 27/2
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
    E-Mail: sbznoSpam@tugraz.at
  • Facebook 
  • Target group: students of the Civil Engineering Sciences

Services for Students

  • A strong community of students who are there to help with all kinds of questions
  • Computer workplaces
  • Group workplaces
  • Copy station
  • Common room
  • Kitchen
  • Large collection of study and exam papers
  • Contacts to business and industry
  • Social activities in sport and culture


Are you studying civil engineering sciences at TU Graz? Do you want to belong to a strong community of students? Then come and join the Steel Construction Drawing Studio! Drop in for a coffee or come to one of our meetings in Lessingstraße 27/II. Details of the times and dates are on our website.