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Hydraulic Engineering Drawing Studio

A shared space to study, the community and the chance to share experience with each other – these are the things that make up the Hydraulic Engineering Drawing Studio (WBZ – Wasserbauzeichensaal). Drawing studios at TU Graz are spaces provided by the university that are used and managed by student collectives. The WBZ is one of the oldest drawing studios of TU Graz. Over the decades, many civil engineers who were members of the WBZ have gone on to leading positions in research and business, around the world.

I felt right at home in the WBZ from the very beginning. Being able to study with other people is helping me make much better progress in my studies. It's important to us to make the studio a friendly and helpful place.


  • Name: Wasserbauzeichensaal  
  • Tasks: self-managed student collective for students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences
  • Address:
    Mandellstraße 15/EG
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
  • Facebook   
  • Target group: students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences

Services for Students

  • A strong community of students who can offer many kinds of help and support
  • Access to the know-how of members who are further on in their studies
  • Study rooms with IT, data projector, printers, copy station and WiFi
  • Large collection of study papers for best possible exam preparation
  • Contacts to business and industry
  • Talks by former members, who give insights into business in an informal atmosphere
  • Leisure activities such as skiing holidays, weekends in mountain chalets, excursions, film evenings, parties, and participation in sporting events
  • Friendships that often last beyond your student days


All students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Sciences are welcome to join the WBZ and can use our rooms for studying.    Would you like to join the Hydraulic Engineering Drawing Studio? Would you like to study and have fun with other students? Then drop in at Mandellstraße 15 – the members will be happy to tell you everything you need to know.