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High-Voltage Drawing Studio

Are you studying Electrical Engineering or Sound Engineer? Are you sociable? Do you think learning at home is boring? Then drop by the High-Voltage Drawing Studio, or Hochspannungszeichensaal (HSZS for short), for an ideal all-inclusive revision room!

The HSZS is a community of students of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering who run a joint revision room. Students have been bringing their courses to life together in the HSZS – right on the Inffeldgasse campus – since 1973, exchanging experience with colleagues and revising for exams in study groups. Of course, they celebrate their successes together too. In addition, the drawing studio is also intended to be a platform for discussion with professors, graduates, and representatives of industry and business.

No matter which exam you’re revising for, there’s always someone in the drawing studio you can team up with to prepare for and follow up exams. There seems to be no limit to the creativity in planning ventures or projects: from building a special tapping transformer for mobile beer tapping to a bicycle workshop.


  • Name: Hochspannungszeichensaal (HSZS)  
  • Tasks: Self-managed student organisation with the aim of encouraging learning achievement, having fun studying, and making contacts 
  • Address:
    Inffeldgasse 18 / 2. OG
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
  • Facebook
  • Target group: students of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering

Services for Students

  • Two study rooms, a library, an electronic workshop and a kitchen – open 24/7
  • Your own workstation, subject to availability
  • Social exchange and knowledge transfer between students
  • Community, discussion and learning together for efficient, fascinating studies
  • Events such as the annual summer party, degree candidate receptions, graduate meets, excursions, sports events and workshops
  • Contacts to the business world, also on the basis of corporate cooperations with Infineon and Anton Paar


  • Graduate rate of more than 98%
  • Numerous industry and holiday placements
  • Good friendships that last long after graduation
  • Approximately 100 members and guests
  • More than 580 graduates since the Hochspannungszeichensaal was founded


All students of Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering are warmly welcome! Visit the Hochspannungszeichensaal at Inffeldgasse 18, 2nd floor and get your own impression – all members will be happy to give you information. Or visit the regulars’ get-together – also at Inffeldgasse 18 (every Wednesday at 7pm).