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Geotechnical Drawing Studio

The main aim of the Geotechnikzeichensaal, or Geotechnical Drawing Studio, is to promote the bachelor and master course in Civil Engineering Sciences with all specialisations.

A drawing studio is a community of students of Civil Engineering Sciences from all years at TU Graz. The term drawing studio goes back to the former use of rooms with large drawing boards.

The Geotechnical Drawing Studio offers me a pleasant setting in which I can achieve my goal most effectively, i.e. successfully completing my course. Not only can you study together with other people, you can also make friends. Members benefit from the knowledge and experience of higher-year students and can find someone who will be happy to help them if they have any tricky questions. Teamwork and social skills are to the fore in this little community.


  • Name: Geotechnikzeichensaal  
  • Tasks: self-run student community for students of Civil Engineering Sciences
  • Address:
    Mandellstraße 13/EG
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
  • Facebook
  • Target group: students of the Civil Engineering Sciences

Services for Students

  • A strong community of students available to answer all kinds of questions
  • PC workstations
  • Group workplaces
  • Copy station
  • Common room
  • Kitchen
  • Extensive learning material
  • Contacts to business and industry
  • Joint sporting, cultural and leisure activities


Are you studying Civil Engineering Sciences at TU Graz? Would you like to be part of a strong community of students? Then join the Geotechnical Drawing Studio!    For further details, drop by the Geotechnical Drawing Studio at Mandellstraße 13 – members will be happy to give you information.