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Accessible Learning

Having a disability or a chronic disease will not stand in the way of you completing a degree at TU Graz! TU Graz takes into account students’ individual needs, providing them with advice and support, and working to remove barriers.

The Service Point for Accessible Learning at TU Graz works to increase the number of accessible entrances to buildings, helps in the design of accessible courses, creates accessible jobs and study places, and counteracts social prejudices by providing information as well as getting involved in networks and cooperative ventures.

Options for Prospective Students and Students with Special Needs

TU Graz

  • gives you support and advice to help you meet the requirements of your degree,
  • waivers your tuition fee if you have a disability of 50% or more,
  • ensures that all buildings are accessible,
  • attaches importance to web accessibility,
  • helps you to meet the everyday challenges of student life, e.g. helping you to organise a note-taker or private lessons, and arrange examinations (braille, zoom printing, holding of examination),
  • puts you in contact with advisory services and personal assistants and
  • provides you with information on financial support options.
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Accessible Learning
Inffeldgasse 31, Ground Floor
8010 Graz

Melanie MANDL
Phone: +43 316 873 6599

Tuition Fee Waiver

If you have a disability of at least 50% and have exceeded the tuition fee period, you can apply for a tuition fee waiver at the Registration Office.

Personal Assistance for Students

Personal assistance is support or help that enables people with disabilities to live an independent and self-determined life. Examples of help:

  • Help in taking notes during courses,
  • mobility support,
  • support in organising your degree and
  • getting literature.

Further Information for Students

Students at TU Graz can find extensive information on the topic of accessible learning on the Intranet TU4U.