Lehr- und Lerntechnologien/Research and Cooperations/Research areas

Research Areas

Our research areas cover topics from primary, secondary and third education level. Projects outcome that are not listed in our official service can be viewed on our TU Graz Learning Lab pages:
TU Graz Learning Lab

Technology Enhanced Learning for schools and universities

In German speaking countries the term "e-learning" stands for any activities in the field of technology enhanced teaching and elarning. In particular, the support of big learning management systems and information systems dominates the field.
TU Graz TeachCenter

Mobile Learning

Due to the growing spread of mobile devices, mobile learning has become an important element to personalized learning. TU Graz Educational Technologies has a long tradition in the field of application development:

Open Educational Resources (OER)

TU Graz is a pioneer in the field of open educational ressources and stated it´s strategy on that in the early days of OER.

Learning Analytics

The web-based analysis of learners data for the improvement and assistance of the learning process is an upcoming reasearch area. On base of data from applications for primary and secondary school level we gain continually new insights.
Learning-Apps for schools