Lehr- und Lerntechnologien/Research and Cooperations/Research areas

Research Areas

Our research area is fundamentally very broad and primarily consists of digital teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary education.
In research, the OU Educational Technology cooperates with the Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science as well as with organisations such as the Forum Neue Medien Austria, Open Education Advanced and others.

Project results that are not offered in the service catalogue can partly also be found and used in the TU Graz Learning Lab.

TU GrazEducational Technology focuses on the following areas:

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) for schools and universities

In German-speaking countries, this research area is often referred to simply as e-learning and includes the general use of modern technologies for teaching and learning. In particular, the focus lies on the development of large information systems for teaching and learning (such as TU Graz TeachCenter, iMooX.at).

Mobile Learning

Due to the increasing spread of mobile devices, mobile learning is an important part of the personalised learning environment. TU Graz Educational Technology develops, among other things, apps for various settings and target groups, from primary school to students.

Learning Experience Design

Learning Experience Design (LXD), i.e. the design of learning experiences based on the principles and methods of the design discipline, is a term that is increasingly being used in the design of (digital) learning environments. The aim is to make learning a positive, exciting experience for learners.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Graz University of Technology is one of the pioneering universities in the sector of freely accessible educational materials, not least thanks to its OER policy. Our organisational unit researches and publishes on the topic of Open Educational Resources, their dissemination and impact at universities and creates and evaluates its own OER.

Learning Analytics

The web-based analysis of learner data to improve and support the learning process is another area of research. Numerous applications for primary and secondary education are constantly being developed to gain new insights.

E-Assessment (digital exams)

At the latest due to the COVID-19 pandemic, exams at TU Graz have shifted into the virtual space. The OU Educational Technology is involved in an eAssessment working group at TU Graz and conducts research on strategies and tools for digital assessment. In addition, new developments in the field of e-assessment are tested and evaluated in pilot phases. Members of the organisational unit also participate in an fnma online exams working group.