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TELucation is a neologism made up of TEL (technology enhanced learning) and education. For us at the OU Educational Technology at TU Graz, TELucation means that we want to support you in using technologies in your teaching in a meaningful and effective way. TELucation is an OER project of TU Graz and also a registered trademark. All contributions and how-to guides on the site are openly licensed and available under a CC BY licence, unless otherwise stated.

TELucation started with the goal to create a "Booklet E-Learning". An initial brainstorming session resulted in the desire for a collection that can be expanded and kept up-to-date, including collection stickers as an incentive. Especially in digital education, there are constant changes that a one-time printed work cannot do justice to.

By now, apart from the printed folder, you can also find all the articles online. In five categories (didactics, higher education, video and animation, tools and TeachCenter), the articles provide you with suggestions and tips for your teaching and invite you to research more on a topic and try the suggestions. The articles are available as online version, PDF and accessible Word document.

In the how-to guides, you will find step-by-step instructions with screenshots for the TeachCenter, TeachCenter Exam and other programmes supported by TU Graz such as Webex and BigBlueButton.

The podcast "Lehren - Lernen - Lauschen" (Teaching - Learning - Listening) brings you closer to the world of digital education at TU Graz in audio format. New conversations with representatives of university teaching at TU Graz are released every month. We hope that you become inspired by their tips for your own teaching.