Internal TU Graz Partners

Strategic projects

Strategic projects drive the priorities of TU Graz forward. The implementation of these strategic projects is defined in the development plan and in the performance agreement with the Federal Ministry.

One of the strategic projects of TU Graz, in which the OU Educational Technology has also participated, is "Teaching 2020" and the follow-up project "Teaching 2020plus", which was commissioned by the Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs. Teaching 2020 comprises the continuous further development of teaching in order to make graduates of TU Graz internationally competitive and to prepare them for a modern professional environment. In the course of the project, TU Graz Educational Technology is responsible  for the continuous further development and integration of innovative forms of teaching and learning.

Further information on strategic projects of TU Graz(TU4U - registration required)

TU Graz IT Services

The OU Educational Technology emerged in 2016 from the "Networked Learning Department" of the Central IT Service (ZID) at TU Graz. This history is not the only reason why the ZID is an indispensable cooperation partner of Educational Technology. Cooperation between both organisational units is crucial for the successful implementation of meaningful technology-enhanced university teaching.
A central focus of our cooperation is the integration and servicing of systems developed and used by Educational Technology. The cooperation is also made clear by the fact that Educational Technology provides services in four areas of the service catalogue of the Central IT Service.

Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science

The cooperation with the predecessor of the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science, the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Media, was primarily characterised by the use of WBTmaster. It had been developed at the IICM under the project management of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Ing. Dr.techn. Nikolai Scerbakov, and was available to the entire TU Graz as a teaching and learning platform from October 2006 to March 2017.

The TU Graz TeachCenter based on WBTmaster was followed in March 2017 by a new system based on the LMS software Moodle.

In 2017, the IICM fused with the "Knowledge Technologies Institute" (KTI) under the new joint name "Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science" (ISDS). Dr. Martin Ebner is a university lecturer at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science and is active there in teaching and research.

SSIW (Languages, Key Competencies and In-House Training)

Advice and coaching on instructional design is essential for the successful and long-term integration and implementation of technology-enhanced university teaching. In addition to individual coaching, members of Educational Technology offer in-house training and further education on current topics of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

In doing so, they also work together with colleagues from the Teaching Academy, which is subordinate to the SSIW, as well as with colleagues from the Study Programme Development with a legal background, in order to shed light on topics from a technical as well as a legal and didactics perspective.

You can register for further training courses offered by Educational Technology, such as TeachCenter training courses, via the in-house training around the start of each semester. Find out about our current offers via your TUGRAZonline business card.

Life Long Learning

TU Graz Life Long Learning was established in November 2005 to implement the strategy of Lifelong Learning at TU Graz. TU Graz Life Long Learning acts as a cooperation between institutes of TU Graz and external institutions and companies. Master's programmes and university courses and seminars are offered. Life Long Learning courses are particularly aimed at

  • Graduates of technical and scientific courses of study
  • Skilled workers with relevant previous education and work experience
  • Companies from business and industry

On the one hand, our cooperation with TU Graz Life Long Learning consists of technical support for the Life Long Learning instance of the TeachCentre. On the other hand, we give advice and help plan the sensible implementation of digital teaching. We also jointly develop MOOCs and microcredentials.