TUbe Services: Streaming, Recording and Video Production

TUbe is the video portal of TU Graz. Lecture recordings are hosted there and can be watched by students. The TUbe team also supports streaming from lecture halls. All teachers at TU Graz can also make use of the expertise of the team if they want to create professional video recordings for teaching in the Educational Technology studio or need advice on video production.

The following is a selection of TUbe services:

  • Hosting recordings on TUbe, the video portal of TU Graz, and linking the associated TeachCenter course.
  • Automated recording and livestreaming service in some premises of TU Graz
  • Production of videos in the LLT studio in Münzgrabenstraße using the latest technologies - free of charge for teachers at TU Graz if used for teaching
  • Own studio with green screen technology
  • Slow-motion recordings (e.g. experiments)
  • Animations or 3D visualisations
  • VR or 360° videos
  • Audio recordings/podcasts in the sound studio

TUbe services can be requested via the following link:

What are the advantages of recording your lecture?

  • Videos can be recorded once and can always be reused (e.g. in a flipped classroom concept)
  • Students can use the videos to prepare for exams or if they have missed a course unit.
  • For large courses, streaming can counteract the problem of space, as some of the students can follow the course from home.
  • The recordings can also be subtitled on request and are thus accessible, even for deaf students or people whose first language is not the language of the lecture.

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