TU Graz TeachCenter and TeachCenter Exam

TU Graz TeachCenter is the teaching and learning platform (Learning Management System) of TU Graz and is available to all teachers and students of TU Graz to support education with digital media. The TeachCenter Exam is a second TeachCenter instance specifically for online exams.

The OU Teaching and Educational Technology is in charge of the technical aspects of both platforms and provides support for all concerns and questions regarding the TeachCenter and TeachCenter Exam. In addition, we are constantly developing the platforms to meet all the requirements of teachers and students and to always be at the cutting edge of digital education.

The TU Graz TeachCenter is based on the learning management system "Moodle". The advantage of this platform is that we participate in a worldwide community and thus the exchange with other partners has been greatly simplified.

A link with TUGRAZonline brings numerous advantages, such as

  • single sign-on in the TeachCenter with the TUGRAZonline data
  • automatic synchronisation of registered students, teachers and groups
  • mapping of courses from TUGRAZonline as courses in the TU Graz TeachCenter 

Possible applications of the TU Graz TeachCenter and TeachCenter Exam are:

  • Making learning materials available online
  • Setting up online submissions for student work
  • GDPR-compliant assessment
  • conducting online exams in various formats
  • Uploading learning videos to TUbe and managing them
  • Communicating with students via discussion forums, announcements and messages
  • Similarity check ("plagiarism check")
  • Video conferencing via BigBlueButton

Frequently asked questions about TeachCenter are answered in detail in TC-FAQ for teachers.
TeachCenter how-to guides can also be found on the TELucation website.

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Help for TC and TC Exam can be found in our how-to guides on TELucation.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact the TeachCenter support team.