The activities of the Vehicle safety institute focus primarily on the education of students.In the process students get conveyed both the accordant basic information and current research topics in sector of vehicle safety.

Lectures are hold about the basics of accident mechanics, biomechanics, integrated safety and simulation techniques.In line with the laboratory tutorials “Component testing” and “Crash tests”, various experiments are executed and analysed by the students autonomous. In addition, there is the possibility to collaborate in line with projects theses in current research projects and recess the existing knowledge or rather realize new ideas.

The VSI offers on-going Bachelor and master theses. The topics can be discussed with the staff members directly at the institute. With the postgraduate course „Master of Engineering in Traffic Accident Research“ we offer a post-gradual schooling to recess knowledge in the sector of accident analysis. The course is finished with the academic grade „Master of Engineering (MEng) in Traffic Accident Research“.

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