The Vehicle Safety Institute (VSI) at Graz University of Technology is primarily responsible for the education of students. Students are taught the relevant basics as well as current research topics in the field of vehicle safety.

In the Bachelor's degree programme in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics, students are given a first insight into the various subject areas of vehicle safety in the lecture "Automotive Engineering and Safety".

The courses on active and passive safety, the basics of accident mechanics and trauma biomechanics are compulsory subjects in the "Automotive Engineering and Safety" pillar of the Master's programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics.

Theoretical knowledge is applied in practice through laboratory exercises on passive and active vehicle safety. Students learn how tests are carried out in vehicle safety, what methods and challenges are available for the different areas. The highlight here is the final crash test in our crash laboratory.
Various electives are offered to further deepen and apply the basics:
- Simulation methods in vehicle safety: Highly dynamic FE simulation in vehicle safety and accident simulation and effectiveness evaluation in vehicle safety
- Deepening and discussion of current topics in vehicle safety: Selected chapters from vehicle safety, integrated vehicle safety, safety of innovative vehicle concepts, traffic safety and automated driving.

In addition, a free subject "Wood as a Construction Material in Mechanical Engineering" is offered.

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