Journal Article
Ernst Tomasch and Gregor Gstrein Impacts on crash cushions – Analysis of the safety performance of passenger cars with improved safety equipment compared with test vehicles based on assessment criteria as defined in EN 1317 Show publication in PURE
Markus Fasching, Alessio Sevarin and Christian Ellersdorfer Investigate the elastoplastic deformation behaviour of a motorcycle frame under different mechanical load configurations Show publication in PURE
Georg Baumann, Caterina Czibula, Ulrich Hirn and Florian Feist On the development of a high strain-rate tensile testing method for thin low-impedance materials Show publication in PURE
Cheng Wang, Fengwei Guo, Ruilin Yu, Luyao Wang and Yuxin Zhang The Application of Driver Models in the Safety Assessment of Autonomous Vehicles Show publication in PURE