Book Chapter
Ernst Tomasch and Stefan Smit Warnendes Fahrassistenzsystem für Busse und Lkw zur Vermeidung von Fußgänger:innenunfällen – Fahrstudie zum Potenzial des Systems und Bewertung der Effektivität9. Grazer Nutzfahrzeug Workshop Show publication in PURE
Journal Article
Marvin Sprenger, Norbert Dölle, Florian Schauwecker, Marco Raffler, Christian Ellersdorfer and Wolfgang Sinz Multiscale Analysis and Safety Assessment of Fresh and Electrical Aged Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells Focusing on Mechanical Behavior Show publication in PURE
Niloofar Soltani, Syed Muhammad Abbas, Martin Hantusch, Sebastian Lehmann, Kornelius Nielsch, Amin Bahrami and Daria Mikhailova The Role of Al2O3 ALD Coating on Sn-Based Intermetallic Anodes for Rate Capability and Long-Term Cycling in Lithium-Ion Batteries Show publication in PURE
Patrick Höschele, Stefan Smit, Ernst Tomasch, Martin Östling, Krystoffer Mroz and Corina Klug Generic Crash Pulses Representing Future Accident Scenarios of Highly Automated Vehicles Show publication in PURE
Krystoffer Mroz, Martin Östling, Corina Klug, Patrick Höschele and Nils Lubbe Supplementing Future Occupant Safety Assessments with Severe Intersection Crashes Selected Using the SAFER Human Body Model Show publication in PURE
Patrick Höschele, Simon Franz Heindl, Bernd Schneider, Wolfgang Sinz and Christian Ellersdorfer Method for In-Operando Contamination of Lithium Ion Batteries for Prediction of Impurity-Induced Non-Obvious Cell Damage Show publication in PURE
Luigi Aiello, Gregor Gstrein, Simon Erker, Bernhard Kaltenegger, Christian Ellersdorfer and Wolfgang Sinz Optimized Nail for Penetration Test on Lithium-Ion Cells and Its Utilization for the Validation of a Multilayer Electro-Thermal Model Show publication in PURE
Demin Nalic, Tomislav Mihalj, Faris Orucevic, Martin Schabauer, Cornelia Lex, Wolfgang Sinz and Arno Eichberger Criticality Assessment Method for Automated Driving Systems by Introducing Fictive Vehicles and Variable Criticality Thresholds Show publication in PURE
Bernd Schneider, Desiree Kofler, Gian Antonio D'Addetta, Heiko Freienstein, Maja Wolkenstein and Corina Klug Approach for machine learning based design of experiments for occupant simulation Show publication in PURE
Peter-Johann Sturm, Patrik Fößleitner, Daniel Fruhwirt, Robert Galler, Robert Wenighofer, Simon Franz Heindl, Stefan Krausbar and Oliver Heger Fire tests with lithium-ion battery electric vehicles in road tunnels Show publication in PURE
J. John, C. Klug, M. Kranjec, E. Svenning and J. Iraeus Hello, world! VIVA+: A human body model lineup to evaluate sex-differences in crash protection Show publication in PURE
Ernst Tomasch and Heinz Hoschopf Bewertung der Verkehrssicherheit durch fahrdynamische Unfallsimulation unterschiedlicher Fahrzeuge bei RSA- und RSI-Untersuchungen Show publication in PURE
Marco Raffler, Wolfgang Sinz, Simon Erker, Bernhard Brunnsteiner and Christian Ellersdorfer Influence of loading rate and out of plane direction dependence on deformation and electro-mechanical failure behavior of a lithium-ion pouch cell Show publication in PURE
Esma Galijatovic, Maria Eichlseder, Simon Franz Heindl and Corina Klug Integrity of virtual testing for crash protection Show publication in PURE
Jana Maria Joereßen, Georg Baumann, Stefan Spirk, Thomas Krenke, Thomas Schönauer and Florian Feist Chemical resistance of acetylated radiata pine sliced veneers Show publication in PURE
Ernst Tomasch Freie Fahrt für Assistenzsysteme Show publication in PURE
Felix Tobias Ressi, Christoph Leo, Corina Klug and Wolfgang Sinz Protection Challenges in Seat Positions with Large Rearward Adjustment in Frontal Collisions: An Approach Using Stochastic Human Body Model Simulations Show publication in PURE
Christian Lackner, Philipp Heinzl, Maria C. Rizzi, Christoph Leo, Martin Schachner, Petr Pokorny, Peter Klager, David Buetzer, Rune Elvik, Astrid Linder and Corina Klug Tram to Pedestrian Collisions—Priorities and Potentials Show publication in PURE
Conference/Workshop Article
Ernst Tomasch and Stefan Smit Effectiveness assessment of a warning driver assistance system for trucks to avoid accidents with pedestrians EU-Safety 2022 Conference Abstract Book Show publication in PURE
Nico Erlinger, Desiree Kofler, Eva Heider and Corina Klug Effects of Boundary Conditions and Posture on Simulations with Human Body Models of Braking Events 2022 IRCOBI Conference Proceedings 628-652 Show publication in PURE
Corina Klug, Rodney Rudd, Sonja Fitterer, Ernst Tomasch, Hinrich Johannes Blume, Matthew Craig and Philipp Wernicke Priorities in Far-side Protection - What can we learn from field data for the development of virtual testing protocols? Conference Proceedings International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, IRCOBI 1-21 Show publication in PURE
Marlene Mellauner, Aggelos Soteropoulos, Veronika Zuser, Nina Senitschnig, Alexander Pommer, Marielis Fischer, Ernst Tomasch, Benjamin Kigilcim, Julian Kammerlander and Margarethe Staudner Simulation of the Effects of Different Speeds on Road Safety and Car Journey Times in Austria 8th Road Safety & Simulation International Conference 2022 Show publication in PURE
Technical Report
Ernst Tomasch, U. Radeschnig, Clemens Dünser, Wolfgang Sinz and Gregor Gstrein PERTA – Passive Sicherheit in der Straßenausstattung Show publication in PURE
Ernst Tomasch, Gregor Gstrein and Hermann Steffan COMPARE - Sicherheitstechnische Beurteilung von nicht kraftschlüssigen Anpralldämpfern zur Absicherung von Hindernissen Show publication in PURE
Other Article
Syed Muhammad Abbas Approach for assessing LIBs safety w.r.t. to Lithium plating Show publication in PURE
Manfred Muhlbauer, Ernst Tomasch, Wolfgang Sinz, Siegfried Trattnig and Hermann Steffan Cervical disc prostheses need a variable center of rotation for flexion / extension below disc level, plus a separate COR for lateral bending above disc level to more closely replicate in-vivo motion: MRI-based biomechanical in-vivo study Show publication in PURE