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Research areas

Research Topic 1: Accident Research
Investigation and Analysis of vehicle accidents using full scale reconstruction and numerical simulations methods. Access to various databases including treatment of the own accident database for fatal accidents ZEDATU.
Research Topic 2: Crash-Simulation (FE & MB)
Simulation of Vehicle deformation and occupant movement using FE - and Multibody-simulation methods. Application of the following software packages. Madymo, PC-Crash, PAM, LS-Dyna,
Research Topic 3: Biomechanics
Investigation of biomechanics for the development of passive safety equipment in cars.
Research Topic 4: Regulation / Standards
Regulation / Standards
Research Topic 5: Testing / Verification
Developing of new testing technologies, sled testing, component testing, full scale crash testing. Dummylaboratory including different Dummies.
Research Topic 6: Electric Vehicles
Investigation and analysis of electric driven vehicle.

Vehicle Safety Institute
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