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AGETOR - Analysis of movement of persons in streams Real-time based on data from mobile and social media to ensure the safety at major events in urban and non-urban space
Keywords: data privacy, data safety, information processing, data handling, mobile communications, pedestrians

Annoyance index for traffic noise
Keywords: research on noise effects, road traffic noise, psychoacoustics, hearing tests

A&W@RH - Living and Working in Reininghaus
Keywords: Smart City, industry, living, mobility

AVESTRA - Analysis of autonomous transport systems in urban areas
Keywords: autonomous transportation systems, traffic volume, demographic change

Blids2 - Traffic measurement based on Bluetooth technology
Keywords: Traffic technology, Analysis of traffic data, Bluetooth

COLOMBO - Cooperative Self-Organizing System for low Carbon Mobility at low Penetration Rates
Keywords: traffic technology, microsimulation (SUMO) , cooperative transport systems

Dynamic Tolling – Electronic charge of (street use) toll for prevention of congestion and air pollution control through intelligent traffic manipulation using user specific variable toll rates
Keywords: Transport planning, traffic survey, user specific variable toll rates

e-CiLo - Feasibility analysis for an electronic city-logistic system
Keywords: Feasibility analysis, E-Mobility, city-logistics

EHEV – Eco Drive for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Keywords: Driving behavior, hybrid vehicle, driving tests, traffic measurements, emission calculations, battery wear

EkoZara – Emission minimizing ramp metering for multiple motorway entries
Keywords: Traffic simulation, ramp metering, emission minimizing coordination

ERB - Demand modelling and cost-benefit analysis
Keywords: transport modelling, traffic survey, prognosis, tourism

EuRISS - Intermodal Advanced Traffic Information System Saalachtal
Keywords: Transportation planning, multi-modal journey planner, travel behavior, transport modelling

GaVe - Graz adaptive Traffic Control System
Keywords: Adaptive traffic control, urban road network, traffic simulation, emission modelling

GIP - graph integration platform - revision of the standard-description
Keywords: graph integration platform, routing, e-government

GKB – White Paper
Keywords: Target network, timetable, infrastructure, regular interval timetable

Green Waves - Traffic Light Signals Graz
Keywords: Traffic Light Signals, Green Waves, Coordination, Emission

GUARD - Guaranteed Ride Home
Keywords: Transport planning, urban-rural Relationship, Public Transport, Transport Model

Guidelines on requirements of measures for traffic calming
Keywords: Guidelines, traffic calming, urban roads

GVK St. Pölten - Overall Traffic Concept
Keywords: Travel survey, trip diary, travel demand model, ptv.VISUM, prognose

IEM - Intelligent efficient mobility in border areas - Bavaria-Salzburg-Tyrol
Keywords: trans-border, intermodal traffic information, leisure traffic, transport models

Impakt - Indicators for a multi-criteria parameter-analysis of cooperative transport systems
Keywords: traffic technology, microsimulation, cooperative transport systems, Car2X, driving assistance systems

ITS Testbed. – Test Environment Telematics Austria for Sensory Analysis, Traffic Information and Traffic Control       Keywords: Traffic Telematics, ITS

KOMOD - Concept study mobility data Austria
Keywords: Mobility survey, survey methodology, mobility behavior, survey technologies

LaneS - FCD based generation of lane-specific road-maps, user potential for ITS-service and maintenance
Keywords: FCD, road-maps, ITS-services

MixME – Mixed Traffic Microsimulation Environment
Keywords: Traffic flow simulation, shared space, image sensing of moving objects

NawiMop - Know demand, plan mobility
Keywords: telecommunication, traffic engineering, origin-destination-matrices, mobile communication data, travel mode detection, transport model, big data

ODIMAK - Optimized dimensioning process for highway intersections
Keywords: Transport planning, dimensioning, highway intersections

ODIMAST - Optimization of connection points in terms of capacity and traffic safety
Keywords: Transport planning, Traffic safety, capacity, interchange ramps

ODIMAST - Impact of shoulder lanes within the motorway network
Keywords: shoulder lanes, safety, traffic flow

RA2MSES - Rail Acoustic Annoyance Monitoring Sensor System
Keywords: rail traffic noise, index of annoyance, psychoacoustics

RadOmnes - Pushing bicycle transport for everyday mobility
Keywords: health, emission, bicycle traffic, fitness

REFEREE - Referencing and evaluation of traffic-technical effects
Keywords: traffic technology, congestion detection, traffic state estimation, FCD, traffic data analysis, capacity

ROPEWAY - Potential
Keywords: cable car, city of Graz

Road and rail traffic noise - effects on physiological parameters regarding the subjective estimation
Keywords: road and rail traffic noise, psychoacoustics, physiological parameter, labor study

SHARE - Emission-optimizing in local adaptive traffic signal control and tactical driving in public transport
Keywords: Traffic technology, emission-optimizing, digital image processing and graphics

STEK Villach - Concept for city development
Keywords: transport planning, urban development concept, energy efficiency in urban development

TechnoVep - Relevance of technological planning tools to support innovative transportation technologies
Keywords: Transport planning, innovative transportation technologies

Traffic Management Vienna (VEMA) - feasibility study
Keywords: Multi-modal journey planner, GIS and transportation networks, ATIS, ATTC

Traffic Master Plan Steyr 2003
Keywords: Transport Planning, Traffic Survey, Urban Traffic concept

Tramways - Holding Graz
Keywords: noise analysis, vibration analysis, environmental medicine, psychoacoustics

Urban Mobility Lab - innovative, urban mobility solutions Graz
Keywords: mobility lab, Graz agglomeration, commuter traffic, urban traffic issues

VaWi - Vorarlberg winter road clearance
Keywords: winter road clearance

VeGIS – Tool for the connectivity between traffic models and geographical information systems
Keywords: geographical information systems, road-maps, transport models, transport planning

VIP - Vienna Region Traffic Information Project
Keywords: Advanced Traffic Information System, Standardization, ALERT/C, DATEX2, SIRI

VMS - Variable Message Signs - metropolitan area Vienna & Tyrol - Traffic Impact Analysis
Keywords: Transport engineering, traffic impact analysis, variable message signs, statistical analysis

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