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EuRISS Saalachtal-Intermodal Advanced Traffic Information System Keywords: Transportation planning, multi-modal journey planner, travel behavior, transport modelling Due of rising leisure traffic, alpine winter tourism traffic also increases. Therefore traffic problems are characteristic of skiing regions because of very seasonal tourism demand and the alpine landscape. Hence, within the scope of the research project EURISS an Advanced Traffic Information System is designed to support the winter tourists by planning their leisure activities. The adaptation and extension of the multimodal ATIS BAYERNINFO is the essential project aim. On the one hand technical concepts are developed and on the other hand across-the countries cooperation between communes, federal states, authorities, associations, operators of the internet-platform etc. are organized. The implementation of further traffic measures without building new roads; also contribute to improve the traffic-situation. Working steps of the EURISS project are analyzing of the transport network, empirical study about travel behavior referring to ATIS, design and implementation of statistic methods to generate traffic conditions, design and implementation of proto-typical internet sides.   Duration: October 2006 – December 2007  

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