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Annoyance index for traffic noise Keywords: research on noise effects, road traffic noise, psychoacoustics, hearing test Noise is known as one of the most frequently reported negative environmental effects of traffic. At present, according to the current standards and calculation specifications, the impact of road traffic noise is represented by the A-weighted energy-equivalent sound level (LA,eq). This quantity does not account for the subjective annoyance of sound events as it is perceived by the affected persons. The main focus of our research was to improve the sound analysis methods in order to include the subjective effects, especially annoyance, caused by traffic noise. This has been accomplished by the consideration of psychoacoustic findings. The result is joint target measure called traffic noise annoyance on roads (TNAR). This TNAR should be considered for future use in road- and traffic planning and therefore may serve construction engineers in addition to traffic planners as a supplemental tool. Duration: January 2004 – May 2006  

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