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NaWiMop – Know demand, plan mobility Keywords: telecommunication, traffic engineering, origin-destination-matrices, mobile communication data, travel mode detection, transport model, big data “Verkehrsauskunft Österreich” (VAO)  is a politically motivated transport information service to promote environmentally sustainable mobility behavior in Austria. Advanced Traveler Information Systems require travel times for all trips and modes. In the eastern region of Austria, a traffic service is already available, in which the travel times of cars are calculated on a demand based transport model. The model is dynamically updated by local measurements of traffic volumes supplemented by travel times of taxis(FCD). The NawiMop project adds mobile phone data as new real-time data source. Origin-destination matrices are dynamically estimated by phone data to support the transport demand model. Using the eastern region as an example, applications of mobile data for the determination of origin-destination matrices will be tested for private and public transport. This will help to reduce the effort of transport demand modelling and expensive travel surveys. There is a significant leap in the quality of the traffic situation determination expected, which will generate a positive impact on the user acceptance of multimodal, dynamic traffic information service.   Duration: January 2014 – June 2016  

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