In the field of tribology, floating liner tests are carried out on a single-cylinder research engine in fired operation for car engines:
  • Friction investigations of liner materials / coatings and ring coatings
  • Lubricant or additive investigations with regard to engine friction optimization
  • Comparison of piston geometries and crank shaft offset

The RNT method is based on the activation of components, working under the permissible limits (free handling limit). It can perform wear tests on various engine components. The activity of the worn particles in the oil circuit is measured and converted into a wear rate.

The aim of the investigation is to determine a wear rate and wear behavior over the entire service life of a component.

Compact Testbed / FRISC

Technical data:

  • FRISC - single cylinder floating liner motor with 0,5l capacity
  • Power:                                     85 kW
  • Maximum speed:             8000 rpm
  • Media and fuel conditioning


  • Crank angle resolved evaluation of piston group friction during operation
  • Wear measurement of motor components 

Measuring equipment:

  • Engine operating conditions (pressures, temperatures,...) with AVL PUMA™  automation system and cylinder pressure indication with IndiCom
  • Friction measurement with floating liner system (AVL FRISC Engine)
  • RNT - continuous wear measurement
  • Fuel consumption, Blow-By, oil consumption (AVL Fuel Balance, AVL Blow By Meter)

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