7. ARGE HFT Workshop

The 7th and last workshop of the Radio Frequency Engineering Working Group will be held from September, 9th to 10th at TU Graz.

This Working Group is a cooperation of RF institutes from Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences funded by the Oesterreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft.

ConTEL 2019

The 15th International Conference on Telecommunications

Graz, Austria, 3-5 July 2019

This year the ConTEL will be held inGraz for the 3rd time after 2011 and 2015. A hearty welcome to all participants.

Link zur Webseite der ConTEL 2019

WISDOM workshop

As part of the ConTEL 2019 a 1-day workshop was held, focussing on the WISDOM project.

Photos © IHF/TU Graz


The conference EUROSENSORS 2018 will take place in Graz from September 9th - 12th . There is also the EUROSENSORS School 2018 regarding "Sensors for Autonomous Driving". You can download the flyer with the school's program in the download area on the right.

CoBCom 2018

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International Conference on Broadband Communications for Next Generation Networks and Multimedia Applications
July, 11th - 13th, 2018, Graz, Austria

Link to the conference webpage

Houskapreis Award Ceremony 2018

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The award ceremony for the Houskapreis 2018 took place on April, 26th at the Museumsquartier in Vienna. We have been nominated in the category University research together with the Institute of Automation and Control for the development of a targetstimulator for automotive radars (see research projects GAZELE und ENABLE-S3). Unfortunately we did not win the main award but we got a recognition award. Congratulations to all the winners! 

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The YouTube - video presenting our project:

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Nomination for the Houskapreis 2018

(courtesy of B&C Privatstiftung)

The targetstimulator for automotive radars - developed together with the Institute of Automation and Control - (see research projects GAZELE und ENABLE-S3) has been nominated for the Houskapreis 2018 in the category "University research". Thanks also to our industrial partner AVL List GmbH. .

More information regarding the Houskapreis and the nominated projects can be found here.

Photo of the involved people of both institutes
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The International Workshop on Integrated Nonlinear Microwave and Millimetre-Wave Circuits
April, 20th - 21st, 2017

Link to the conference webpage

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The wire-bonder has been delivered and and stuff has been trained. It is now also available for external clients.

You can find further information here.

Excursion to Ljubljana

On November, 30. the institute organised an excursion for students to Ljubljana.


CoBCom 2016

1st International Conference on Broadband Communications for Next Generations Networks and Multimedia Applications

14. - 16. September 2016, Graz, Austria

Link to CoBCom-Webpage

ConTEL 2015

13th International Conference on Telecommunications
13. - 15. July 2015

Pictures of the conference and from the visit to chocolatier Zotter near Riegersburg :

Photos © IHF/TU Graz


Management Commitee / Working Group Meeting and Workshop of the COST Action IC1301 - Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics
30. & 31. March 2015

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ICTON 2014

16th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks
6. - 10. July 2014

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NOC 2013 + OC&I 2013

18th European Conference on Network & Optical Communications

8th Conference on Optical Cabling & Infrastructure

10. - 12. July 2013

Photos © IHF/TU Graz

ConTEL 2011

11th International Conference on Telecommunications

15. - 17. June 2011

Pictures of the conference and the visit to the Lippizaner stud at Piber :

Photos © IHF/TU Graz


6th International Symposium Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing

23. - 25. July 2008

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