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Wire bonder

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Since February 2017 a wire-bonder is available for wiring integrated circuits and discrete semicondutors to PCBs and other components.

The bonder has been purchased in corporation with the Institute of Electronics and the Institute of Electronic Sensor Systems.

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The Bonder is a HB16 from the company tpt. 

Technical characteristics of the bonder: 

  • Motorized Y- and Z-axis
  • Manual and semi-automatic
  • Manual Z-axis control possible
  • Programmable loop-profiles with up to 10 movements (Y- and Z-axis)
  • Both Bonding and Pick & Place

The bonder can do both wire- and ribbon-bonding.

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Supported bond-types are : 

  • Ball-wedge
  • Wedge-wedge
  • Stich-bonds
  • Bump-bonds

We can work with gold and Aluminium wires.

At the moment a 25 µm Gold-wire and a 33 µm Aluminium wire are available. Supported wire-diameters range from 17 µm to 75 µm and ribbons can have a size of 25 x 250 µm.

With the tools and materials available at the institutes the following densities are possible :

  • for Gold-ball-bonds : padsize with 100 µm diameter and a pitch of 170 µm
  • for Gold-wedge-bonds : padsize of 40 x 50 µm and a pitch of 80 µm

If you need other specifications please contact one of the 3 institutes.

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